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One last thing and that is about equipment relating to video production. You don’t need the best. Begin with a light, a camera, and a microphone.

Video Production: Crafting Messages for Believers, Newbies

It is good during production to stop and rethink the what and the how behind your plan with Jesus in mind, to make sure you are keeping the main thing the main thing.

So, you want to make a video…Why?

This is the first question.

Sometimes we take an idea and go ahead with it with such vigor, that we forget to stop and ask why.

Are you making a video, because everyone else does or do you want to raise money for equipment?

Maybe you want the people in your church to show their family or use it as a tool for outreach. And my favorite is to do it to reach people outside of the church.

Choosing why is not hard, but remembering why we do it, usually gets lost.

I once read an article that made me stop and think … It’s like Christmas.

Jesus is the reason for the season, but I had to really search to find Jesus this season. Decorations were in stores beginning in October, and there where Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays galore.

Sometimes we take an idea and go ahead with it with such vigor, that we forget to stop and ask why.

Are we keeping our focus on Jesus and the Great Commission, or are we doing this because we can?

If you always plan with Jesus in mind, it is hard to go wrong.

It is also good during production to stop and rethink what and how, to make sure you are keeping the main thing the main thing.

The next big question is, who is it for?

I have found myself so wrapped up in why and how, that I forget who it is for. In my opinion, this is the hardest part.

After deciding who it is for, you need to craft that message for them to hear and to get the message that you are trying to convey. This isn’t so easy.

I have spent hours with the pastor and my team, to craft a message along with deciding who we want to reach.

Getting the equipment and manpower for the project and then storyboarding the whole thing, only to find out that it doesn’t resonate with the intended audience, can cause such a plan to fall flat quickly.

Why do you think that there are sooooo many sequels to movies? They found an idea that resonated with a certain paying audience and sought to capitalize on that success.

It’s not that there aren’t enough good ideas, it’s that putting them together in a way that connects with your intended audience that is the trick.

So now what?

It’s time to do some research on your target audience. Who are they and what are their needs? And how do they receive new information?

If it is possible, make a two-minute promo video, and show to members of that demographic and see if you are on the right track.

Thanks to the web, you can do some research that way, but be careful how much weight that you give that information. For instance, much of what I have found on the internet is what I consider opinion. Know you can revisit with the pastor, to see how to craft a message that fits within their beliefs that will resonate with the people that it is intended for.

This is harder than you might think.

Just like we have our own ideas about how the message should come across because of our education in video, so too they have a view on the subject with their education in the Gospel.

We all bring our own prejudices to the table when we take the steps to complete a project.

It’s at this point that we need to revisit question one. For whom are we making this video and why, and then how do we craft it, so that they will hear?

One of my biggest concerns in the church is that we often forget that Christ did not go into the synagogues to preach. That is not where the sinners are. They are out in the world.

At the same time, we are crafting messages for people that are already believers, and not the newbies we are commissioned to bring the word to.

Everyone has gone to that conference where the person talking has been doing things for so long, that they have forgotten what it was like to know nothing. And everything that they say is over the audience’s ability to hear.

This is my charge to you.

Do not lose your ability to remember what it was like when you did not know Christ. How did it feel to hear the first time?

What questions did you have?

If you forget then go to those involved in outreach and ask them what questions they get and how they connect. Then you can take this information back to your team to keep the message in line with the level of belief in your audience and they will be in a much better place to receive it.

One last thing and that is about equipment. You don’t need the best. Begin with a light, a camera, and a microphone.

Your sound needs to be very clear with no background noises, so spend money there first. Then stay in focus and use the lights that you have available.

There are also some things that can be added or deleted in editing during video production. Just remember, It is all in the message.


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