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What to Expect: MxU Forum at The WFX Conference & Expo Orlando

Andrew Stone with Church on the Move, and MxU co-founder will cover challenges faced by church production techs at this year's special MxU Forum at WFX on November 13-15, 2018 in Orlando.

Leading your church’s tech team requires more than understanding how to mix audio and troubleshoot equipment issues (although those are a big deal too).  It also involves excellent relational skills to build and develop a robust tech team along with the ability to translate technical jargon to church leadership when you need to make a case for new equipment or resources. 

The team at MxU know all about those challenges and are ready to bring their no-nonsense approach to church production to attendees of the MxU Forum at this year’s WFX Conference & Expo.

We checked in with Andrew Stone, production director & senior audio engineer at Church on the Move and MxU co-founder, about what attendees can expect from the MxU Forum.

WFX: What will you cover in the MxU Forum at WFX?

Stone: This new event is less about covering topics and more about uncovering truths.  It’s just not a “come and listen” breakout. The diverse group of church team members will help you solve problems, understand different perspectives, and allow a safe place to get honest answers to the questions that might be tough to ask in our own environments. 

WFX: Who should attend the MxU Forum?  

Stone: Any church tech that works with other humans.  Really, it’s all about relationships.  In a church setting, how we work with each other is sometimes the biggest part of the job.  Rather than just talking about relationships, we’re going to put the right people in the room to demonstrate it.

WFX: Is this just for mega churches or will you also address how to handle audio and tech challenges from a smaller church context?  

Stone: All churches!  The big church folk need to check their egos at the door, and the small church folk need to come confidently.  We ALL have something to learn.

WFX: How should attendees prepare so they can get the most out of the MxU Forum?  

Stone: Take a good look in your mirror and ask this question.  “What am I missing, confused about, or flat out wrong when it comes to working on a team, REALLY?”  Maybe don’t try and answer it but meditate and prepare yourself for a day of empathy, enlightenment, challenges, and encouragement!

Join Andrew, his MxU co-founders Jeff Sandstrom and Lee Fields, and fellow church tech leaders for this unique and powerful learning experience.  Register your team today using the code GRP3BV – buy 3 and get one 2-day conference pass free plus a 20% discount on each paid registration OR WFXCNF20 to get a 20% discount on each individual registration.




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