Team Development: Aim To Create A Welcome Space for Worship

Team Development: Aim To Create A Welcome Space for Worship

Each team should develop leaders within the group to help train and encourage. The people that you train today will be our leaders tomorrow.

Building a team is like building a family; it takes love and understanding.

We must set the standard as a leader.

Our ultimate goal should be to "create a welcome space for worship."

As easy as that sometimes sounds, there is a lot that we must do to make this happen.


To intentionally train and equip, with clear goals and objectives.

The first part is relatively easy, right?

After recruiting a new volunteer, at West Asheville Baptist Church, we introduce them to everyone to have a bit of prayer, after which we have one of our veteran volunteers spend 15 minutes or so, showing the new volunteer what to do.

Then the next week, we put the new volunteer to work.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Ideally, we would prefer to take a few weeks to orient the new person, and if possible, hand them a small manual about the task and then gradually work them into the lineup.

To get to that point, I would first start by writing a manual for each position you have. It is nowhere near as daunting as it seems. We had each person working on the team, to write out what they do everyday and then we took the information, refined it and made it into a manual. Most jobs are written on one page.

The purpose of doing this, is to make sure to give your volunteers the best chance for success.

It is easy while training to leave out one or more details that would be helpful. And not everyone is a good trainer.

Also for some jobs, we have books and videos on how to operate the equipment. I encourage them to read the manuals and to make suggestions.

At West Asheville, we have a lot of lights and a very intricate lighting console. I was struggling to keep up with everything I had to do as a new tech director, along with programming the lighting board.

One of the guys who was running lights on Sunday asked if I would mind whether he could take the time to learn more about the board along with additional practice during the week. After taking the time to do that, he is now the one who programs all of our big events, saving me a boatload of time.


We also must set the standard as a leader. Those other members of the team will do what we do, not what we say. Be early, so that everything will be ready for the volunteers to arrive. There is nothing worse than running around, trying to get everything turned on in the last minute.

If a problem arises, this will give you plenty of time to fix it, before the band arrives for practice, for example. You do not want to have people stressed out before service. Also, and more importantly, it leaves you with time to train and encourage our volunteers, which is most important.

Train and Encourage with a Purpose

People need clear guidelines about what to do and how to behave. Our leaders set the example, and it is up to us to model that behavior. They also need to know more about their job than training allows. They need to have a purpose.

We train when we can, and we have practice, but before we start service, we get together and pray. It is at this time that we pray for each other, acknowledge each other, and remind each other about why we are there.

To create a welcome space for worship.

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of setup and lose sight of what is most important. Also, by being leaders, and showing up on time, we will have time to encourage our volunteers and to give them useful tips on how to be of service. It also helps us build a rapport with them.

Once you have established this, you will be able to give them more and to challenge them forward. Also, it makes it easier to talk with them about mistakes and how to avoid them. Mistakes happen, and we need to encourage with love.

Each team should develop leaders within the group to help train and encourage. As a mentor, you learn more about the things that are a part of a volunteer's training. We make each other better.

The people that you train today will be our leaders tomorrow. Spend the time to give them a purpose and a mission to help to create that space for worship.


When John Maxwell first wrote the book, "Intentional Living," and I read it, I wished I could go back and used what I'd learned in my earlier years.

Among them is to have a clear purpose and to intentionally go about our day, creating an atmosphere of love and encouragement. By having this clear purpose and intentionally living, we have the time and the clarity to lead others with love.

With that clear purpose, we would recruit, train, encourage and challenge with a purpose.

We are all a part of a team. The team of Jesus Christ. We must value everyone. Support everyone. Train everyone. Develop everyone. All for the purpose of bringing people to Everlasting Salvation.

We do this as Christ did: With love.

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