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2016 New Product Awards: Airius Q Series

2016 New Product Awards: Airius Q Series

Q Series is Airius' quietest destratification fan yet for worship facilities with higher ceilings.

Airius, a global leader in air destratification systems, introduces its Q Series fan, its quietest fan yet for worship facilities with up to 50-foot ceilings.

The Q Series meets the needs of architects, engineers and managers of churches who are seeking a lower sound output, yet still want a high-performance and economical destratification fan to save energy and improve comfort.


Churches that require high-bay fan systems, but want to maintain a quieter environment should explore the Airius Q Series solution.

Airius designed its patented Q Series fan by combining a new motor mount system with a deeper and wider entrance into the fan, reducing the amount of air turbulence at the intake.

The Q Series fan, enclosed in a cylinder-shaped housing similar to the Airius Designer Series fans, also meets the needs of architecturally sensitive installations.

The standard Q Series fan is available in off-white, but a factory representative can be consulted for other color options.

Like all Airius fan systems, the Q Series offers the option of an energy-efficient electronically commutated (EC) motor. The two-speed EC motor also has an optional 0-10VDC control module for fans to be programmed into a building control system.

Q Series fans can be set to run at a lower speed for even quieter operation at lower ceiling heights of 20 to 25 feet, yet still effectively destratify, or balance, overall air temperature to improve comfort and reduce energy use.

With Airius destratification fan systems, worship facility managers are recycling the heating and/or cooling they’ve already paid for, continuously circulating and mixing air balances a facility’s temperature from ceiling to floor and wall-to-wall. Destratification helps the building’s HVAC system to maintain a desired temperature, reducing constant starts and stops.

The new Q Series fans, like all Airius fans, contribute to LEED rating points and are shipped ready for plug-and-play installation with a three-year warranty.

Airius Q Series PDF

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