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Team development
With some tools online, including Ministry Grid, you can track the progress of each member of your team, and assign due dates.

Team Development: Online Subscription Training

With the training and development needs for your church, there are a number of options online available to supplement the various ways of training.

One thing that we as church leaders are always in need of, is additional training and development for our teams.

If your church is like mine, you probably use your technology in a very specific way and would want people to learn how your church uses this technology.

In the past, this typically meant traveling for that needed training, or bringing in a specialist to your church, or even having someone with the proper knowledge in your community to help. While these options for training often prove to be very beneficial, it also can be hard to get people to commit to dates and travel, among other hurdles.

Thankfully, we live in the days of the internet where web publications (such as Worship Tech Director) are full of people from all over the world, submitting helpful articles and videos on every topic imaginable.

In fact, I frequently send many of those same articles and videos out to my teams as learning tools, when I find something that I feel could be beneficial for them. There are a great number of new subscription services that are popping up as well, offering training for everything from the sound booth to the stage.

I would like to take a moment to highlight one product that our church has begun using, just this past summer: Ministry Grid from Lifeway.

First, let me give the readers of Worship Tech Director one major downside to Ministry Grid: aside from a session on the ins and outs of ProPresenter, there really are not any included training sessions for tech volunteers, at least not yet.

However, this is still a product that would not only benefit worship and tech ministry, but your entire church.

With any new product, price is always a concern, but with Ministry Grid, they have one price for monthly and one price for annual subscriptions for your entire church, for unlimited everything. I think this alone sets them apart for competing services, because you’re not trying to figure out how many people might use it, and then working around pricing tiers. However, some services with lower tiers might be less expensive for smaller churches.

Ministry Grid allows you to find training on their website, for just about every aspect of the church: children’s ministry, guest services, worship team, safety training, leadership, and more. In fact, the leadership training is very helpful, and I have all members go through the leadership training, based on how they’re serving, because we all need to grow as leaders. So, signing up for Ministry Grid is not just for the tech team, or even the worship ministry, but as a tool for training your entire church.

Upon signing up with Ministry Grid, you get your users into the system (there are a few very convenient ways of adding members) and assign those people to groups. From there, you simply assign certain training programs to individuals or groups as a whole. You can use the premade training programs that are already in the system or create your own custom playlist of training videos and quizzes.

Not only has Lifeway filled this site with hundreds of videos, but you can easily add your own content and create custom courses, videos, quizzes and links to outside websites. This is where Ministry Grid really excels.

In the past, I would send out a link to an audio training I found helpful on YouTube, but I never got any feedback on who actually watched the video, or if they understood the content. With Ministry Grid, you can track the progress of each member of your team, assign due dates, even create custom quizzes to make sure people have viewed the material and understand it.

For certain areas in our church, we have added our own in-house videos that explain our exact processes for those areas in our church. This can be extremely helpful for new volunteers who may feel overwhelmed by the thought of learning a new lighting console or video switcher.

If your church is like mine, you probably use your technology in a very specific way and would want people to learn how your church uses this technology, not necessarily how the manufacturer’s representative demonstrates a few features in a 3-minute video on YouTube.

With more than 3,000 videos taught by many leading voices on church leadership in many areas such as Paul Tripp, Jenni Catron, and Matt Boswell, and unlimited users and storage to add your own content, Ministry Grid is certainly worth looking into, when it comes to developing not only your team, but developing leaders and volunteers throughout your entire church.

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