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Worship Technology Project Black Rock Congregational Church

Like many churches facing growth, Black Rock Congregational was tasked with having to deliver both traditional and contemporary services in the same facility.

Established over 160 years ago with just a few faithful Christ-followers, Black Rock Congregational Church has now grown to more than 2,000 adults and children who attend five services each weekend in two campus locations. As a non-denominational church, Black Rock Congregational welcome everyone, no matter the religious background or denomination, to hear Pastor Treasch's message, enjoy glorious music and experience uplifting friendship.

Like many churches facing growth, Black Rock Congregational was tasked with having to deliver both traditional and contemporary services in the same facility. The church also wanted to add a ministry center to the community in order to have a greater impact on the neighborhood and larger district. The church also knew its task was to look to the future of the ministry and provide a space that employed worship technology and would deliver the message with impact for generations to come.

The addition and renovation process began by creating a "Technology Master Plan" with the AE team to be implemented in phases over the next 10 years. Keeping the ministry moving forward and on the front line of communication technology system also meant using solutions that were easy for staff and volunteers to maintain and operate.

An overall campus design was implemented that integrates the live worship spaces via innovative audio, video and lighting technology with digital network. With effective sightline and staging elements, the pastor can be brought together with his live audiences as well as those in remote locations.

Worship Technology Project (Black Rock Congregational Church)

Fairfield , Connecticut
Project Size: 801-2000 seats
Completion Date: June 30, 2014

The visual innovations begin with a core of ETC broadcast lighting systems with networked DMX and a ceiling matrix of distributions, which are able to achieve concert and broadcast quality lighting as well as dramatic lighting effects. A single ETC Element lighting console drives the entire system, requiring minimal control. A "triple- wide edge" blended projection system was added with Digital Projection Titan HD projectors and a video media server running Pro Video Player 2 by Renewed Vision. The audio system is anchored by the latest Bose Concert Level Room Match speaker technology and an Avid Venue console at FOH. A "clean Stage" is achieved for musicians and vocalists using an in-ear monitoring system controlled by Aviom and integrated guitar amp and Crown Case isolations chambers.

The blending of a tradition-rooted church with innovative new technology will now serve Black Rock Congregational Church for another 160 years.

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