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Top 10 Cost Saving Ideas for Your Church Building

Top 10 Cost Saving Ideas for Your Church Building

How to Plan, Justify and Save Money

Top 10 cost saving ideas by Scott Wilson, Wayne United Methodist Church, Trustee Chairman

Scott Wilson give out 10 tips on saving on energy costs:

  1. Energy audits bring an outside audit organization for a survey and let them suggest the best way you could save costs on energy.
  2. CFL LED bulbs these lights will produce 75% less heat then other bulbs and are less expensive
  3. T8 Florescent lights move from a T12 to a T8 and you'll get more light, save more energy, and they'll last longer.
  4. Heating and Cooling costs make sure you run down the heaters when the facility is not in use. It'll help you save on heating costs. Same for the air conditioners, make sure you don't misuse energy.
  5. Occupancy sensors install these sensors to make sure there is no activity other than the allowed hours of the church. If there's no one in the church then the sensors will make sure the lights are out, helping you save a lot of energy.
  6. Green cleaning Use natural sources to clean the walls, floors, furniture, and windows of the church. Avoid using expensive floor cleaners that are toxic to humans and the environment. Homemade cleansers are cheap and can be made easily. (use vinegar, lemon, water, but not use hydro peroxide on the bathroom floors it'll take their finish off)
  7. Recycled rubber floor- it can be cleaned with a wet mop and easy cleaning methods. It gets rid of all halogens.
  8. Ever last flooring It does not come off the floor and is made of good plastic. It is 8 mm thick and very firm, it won't damage your assemble line.
  9. Lawn care Get a volunteer to work for you who is passionate about lawn mowing.
  10. Anti Vampire devices get power strips that will help you save 20% of your energy costs you were wasting on the vampire devices.

As presented by Scott Wilson at WFX 2013.



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