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Tightrope Media Systems' LCD15 Networked Digital Signage Player

Tightrope Media Systems announces that it has begun shipping the Carousel Player LCD15 Networked Digital Signage Player with integrated 15-inch LCD Display. The Carousel Player LCD15 is the latest component in the Carousel Digital Signage network and is meant to work in conjunction with Carousel Pro and Carousel Enterprise servers. The Carousel LCD15 pairs Carousel Player software and hardware with an integrated 15-inch display to provide a complete solution for individual locations.

According to Tightrope Media Systems Co-Founder Andrew Starks, the Carousel LCD15 is perfect for hotels, conference centers, educational institutions, and other facilities that need to identify specific rooms for specific meetings or events. "An organization can have a large lobby display with a complete schedule driven by Carousel that is integrated with an existing event management software package, and then place Carousel LCD15's at the entrance to each room with specific information about the class or meeting occurring in that room", says Starks.  "Paired with Carousel's WiFi feature, the Carousel LCD15 is also perfect for mobile media including busses, trains, and elevators. Carousel networking is designed in a way that content is updated when a network connection is established, and then it runs independently until its next update. This is perfect for mobile media where a network connection is not always available."

As with all Carousel players, the Carousel LCD15 features a high definition, multi-zone display that is capable of running flash and multiple types of video files including MPEG2, MPEG4, Windows Media, QuickTime and H.264. It accepts RSS and ATOM data feeds, takes web page snapshots, and can display "live" TV signals either in a zone or full screen. It also has emergency messaging capability, either full screen, or in a specific zone, and to either one location, multiple locations, or to all locations.

You can reach Tightrope Media Systems at (866) 866-4118 or visit them on the web at http://www.trms.com.

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