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The latest in ground-supported, freestanding backdrops is here. Throw some SuperLever panels together with ATOMIC Design's SuperWall system and instantly have a stunning set.

MSRP $ - Starting at $25 per panel

ATOMIC Design, a creative production design company, provides set construction, rental solutions, lighting, design and production services for the live event industry. Its SuperWall system represents the latest in ground-supported backdrops.

Using existing, patent-pending, modular SuperLever panels, the SuperWall system can be assembled with absolutely no tools or additional hardware. It is 100-percent ground-supported.

Built on a Lego block mentality, the SuperLever product line gives designers ultimate creativity since the 22.5-inch by 22.5-inch panels can be mixed and matched to build backdrops, columns and chandeliers (typically rigged to pipe and base and truss). Now, the SuperWall system enables the SuperLever panels to be freestanding no more pipe and base, no longer constrained to a single height by a truss. The panels can be built to multiple dimensions and heights across a stage or set.

For the church market, the SuperWall means no matter what kind of stage users are working with, there's a stunning solution to fit users' space. The panels can be easily rearranged from one performance to the next to create multiple looks with the same product.

The SuperWall system is built with 22.5-inch by 22.5-inch panels base plates, ATOMIC's patent-pending connector system (doesn't require tools or additional hardware), 11.25-inch side panels, any SuperLever panels and 11.25-inch top panels to enclose and stabilize the wall. The SuperWall can be transformed with front, back or internal lighting.

TAGS: Construction
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