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Story Crafting One Space at a Time

What does this look like when entertaining the thought of hiring a designer into your design build or redesign?

Let’s be honest. 

Have you within the last 15 minutes, checked your Twitter, FaceBook or Instagram feed?

If you hadn’t yet, it means your better than I and have a better handle on your day-to-day operations.

With each buzz or notification that we receive, we ingest multitudes of posts throughout our day. Never in the history of man have we been more inundated with sitting at the “feeding trough” of stories.

Yes, they may be small clips but we yearn to connect to those in whom we resonate or “glamorate” -- Yes, I just made up that word. It means looking up to, or dreaming to be like. 

I am excited to say, that yours truly will be adding her voice to the mix come this November at WFX Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida. I hope to meet you, and I want to give you a few teasers in what to expect from our conversation together.

But before I begin rattling off highlights, I wanted to let you know first and foremost, I am a fellow Christian, doing her best to follow Christ and Him alone in this world of swirling idealities and updated theologies.

My conviction of Design, within the Church community, comes with an awareness that all we do, whether with our hands or by our speech, should support and point back to Christ.

Quality with substance.

What does this look like when entertaining the thought of hiring a designer into your design build or redesign?

It’s funny you ask!


Let’s go back to where we started.

One thing I have found, time and again, is most clients seem to base their expectation of design in either fear or insecurity.

Meaning, we compare what we are to what we aren’t within our community.  It becomes a double standard. All of us, in Gods eyes, are on the same playing field.  What’s good and right for one church may not be good or right for you. 

Now, because I’m a woman who grew up in America, the land of the “See”, I understand these offenders and the propensity in which they can color our intentions.   If we drive our design based on what man wants rather than our freedom in Christ, we are just like the world. 

What better opportunity to provide a judgment-free zone than to base our design on what our Creator says of us?

This is THE ONE place where all should be free to be and embraced in a “come as you are” expectation. And it’s not just for the visitors… it’s for all who work and serve side-by-side. 


Like a diver suited with an oxygen tank, designers first line of business is to go deep and peel back the layers. “Listen, listen, listen and then listen some more.”   We may be scanning your facility as you tell your story of who you are.

However, know that as we start to connect ourselves to your present climate, we are getting loads of cues from what we see. A good designer will navigate through the waters of your past, present and desired future by ultimately weaving design essentials into the landscape of your space.  By doing this, we will discover a one-of-kind design that is representative of you, your location and of what God has put on your heart within your congregation’s legacy.

PROCAFFENAITE, “To Coffee or Not to Coffee, That is the Question”.

So, as we mentioned the emotional attachment to the plethora of devices we use from day to day, it just makes sense to also mention its counterpart.

“Mr. Joe.” Ahh, good to the last drop.

Many facilities we encounter nowadays come fully equipped with caffeine. But what makes sense for your facility and budget? It takes a retail approach if you are to have a space dedicated to operating for a consumer clientele.

How we approach the WHYS before the WANTS are crucial to investigate, because of the ramifications of decisions made on your church years from now. But, I am a designer and we Love the idea of crafting a space for food and beverages, and how this organically connects you and your community together. 

DESIGNERS: Your Human Search Engine
And you thought we just picked out colors and furniture.

Designers have a load of responsibility, which is a good thing for a client. 

We will discuss the various operations and services that a designer can help facilitate. From resourcing specific vendors to “boots on the ground” operations, your designer can be key to derailing any drama that comes your way. 

Keeping good communication between onsite workers and your GC helps to keep the initial design intact and brings an atmosphere of confidence while under construction.


I love this story, “The Church that Max Built,” because of Max and what God taught me in humility.Like most worship facilities, the people of this church got involved and eventually put their own layer of sweat, muscle and heart upon the design provided. This story I’m speaking about is a reminder that even through a design install, God is still working and He gets the final say.

I’ll explain more in-depth come November.

Let’s just say when all is said and done, God’s hand in it and His Story is far better than anything we bring to the table.

Are you with me?

I sure hope so!

I look forward to meeting you face to face, knowing there is going to be so much to share.

 Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you soon!



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