Stage Ideas: 7 Church Designs for Christmas

A look at some awe-inspiring church staging and set ideas that prove creative designs don't require lots of money.

Christmas, along with Easter present themselves as large opportunities for any church to engage attendees in a more powerful way than a typical Sunday.  For the regular attendees of a church, Christmas still presents an opportunity to provide a stage design different from a regular week, and helps them dive deeper into the Christmas season as well.

Many of the churches shown in these slides made use of simple stage pieces, from wooden trees, to walls of Christmas lights or hanging bulbs.

Combining these features with creative lighting, using colors to help set a mood, and create an atmosphere for worship. These pieces don’t have to be expensive, and can be created using reclaimed wooden planks, or painted foam boards. Simply adding a new focal point to a stage is usually enough to create a completely different “look” to your stage design.

Take a look through the slides for some ideas on how your church could create an unforgettable set for this Christmas season.

All images courtesy of Pinterest


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