Sonesse ULTRA 50 RS485

Sonesse ULTRA 50 features innovative technology with the strong lifting capacities and market leading sound ratings to achieve silent operating conditions. This motor can operate all types of interior shades and screens while controlled by market leading integration systems when silence and comfort is required in commercial or residential environments.


Somfy is proud to offer the new ultra-quiet and ultra-powerful Sonesse® ULTRA 50 to improve the motorized solar shading solutions available to the worship facilities market. Motorized solar shading solutions increase user experiences in many ways including; improving occupant comfort, effortless shade adjustment and increased energy savings. All of these benefits and features achieve the ultimate goal of managing natural light in a silent and powerful way. Worship facilities are usually designed for expressing emotion through praise, prayer or times of reflection when silence is a necessity. Excessive glare could be a major discomfort or distraction to worship facility occupants and could be easily avoided by using motorized shading solutions powered by Somfy. The designed for silence performance of the Sonesse ULTRA 50 allows the motor to be installed in almost any interior application with ultra-quiet sound ratings at all times. Somfy developed this motor to perform at a minimal sound level while providing the ultimate level of strength for worship halls or meeting areas using most motorized window treatments or projection screens. It is common for many worship facilities to feature tall windows installed at the end of church pews or in large atriums. These designs usually limit occupants to the amount of control they have of the occupied space.

Ultra powerful, motorized shading solutions allow worship facilities to use large or hard-to-reach window treatments and offer a large range of controls to the congregation or occupants. Sonesse ULTRA 50 is packed with innovations and patented technologies designed to improve the user experience for the worship environment. Some of the flexible motor control technologies offered by Somfy include standard wired, radio frequency or digital communication motor control choices for the end user. This flexibility expands the control possibilities for motorized window treatments including a large range of wall switches, hand-held remotes or app based control offered by Somfy. Sonesse ULTRA 50 motors are easy to connect and operate using most integration systems on the market. These control technologies will enable worship facilities to choose their own type of control system and improve the connectivity between the user and their environment. Somfy makes energy savings for worship facilities simple and gives occupants more time to participate in other activities. Increased energy savings could be achieved using these ultra-quiet motors connected to automated control devices operated using radio frequency of low voltage digital communication.

These systems controlling the Sonesse ULTRA motor could be set on automatic timed events or energy saving modes to move the silent motors. These automatic features adjust the worship environment while occupants are pre-occupied or no longer present in the space. In addition, this motor increases the perceived quality of motorized window treatment systems and adds value to any project supported by a five year, fully supported warranty. The Sonesse ULTRA 50 has the ability to completely satisfy the needs of the Worship Facilities market by improving user experiences through a variety of control systems options available, for all types of spatial configurations in commercial and residential buildings, in both new and renovated projects.

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