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Solomon Awards Waters Church

The AE Global Media team worked closely with Waters Church ministry team to develop a technology master plan that would enhance modern worship and create a more immersive worship environment. Transforming an old jewelry manufacturing facility into their new church was a adventurous and exciting project.

Moving right down the road, in the same community, Executive Pastor Shane Parsons and his team at Waters Church decided that a jewelry manufacturing factory would be their new home for their church. 

One of the struggles the church faced was needing new technology, media, and visual quality.  With the revamp of a old jewelry manufacturing facility came structural problems that included steel issues and the concrete floors were a total tear out. 

AE Global Media worked closely with the team at Waters Church and Churches by Daniels and increased the sanctuary from 400 seats to 1,200 seats.  AE Global Media also performed acoustical evaluations & designs, stage design for broadcast and the design/installation of new audio, video, and lighting systems. 

The innovative design of the new sanctuary delivers amazing worship style flexibility.  The design of the stage allowed more opportunities for the church such as fuller band, stage elements for messages, creativity in overall presentation, and has become an attractive venue for bigger ministry bands. 

Executive Pastor Parsons said, "We tripled the size of the sanctuary.  The sound, the lights became times ten.  It just become more professional in the sanctuary.  More room, bigger."  The worship technology development included JBL speakers with Crown amplifiers and BSS Digital Signal Processing.  ETC control and lighting and incorporated Digital Projection HD video projectors. 

All the technology will be used in effort to go above and beyond the community to go online in two satellite churches.  The community is amazed at how different the building is and the complete transformation.  "We've always tried to have the philosophy in being in this town that if we weren't here, would we be missed?  We want to be that kind of church. 

If we left, would we be missed," Pastor Parsons said.  Waters Church works hard on its outreach ministry and being a blessing to the community.  As Pastor Parsons reflected, "[It's] just incredible how God has blessed us with this building, all around, the kids' area, the sanctuary, the meeting spaces.  It's been a long process, but once you're in there and you take a look around, you take a breath, you say God is good.  God is good.'"

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