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Solomon Awards Waters Church

This 135,000 sq. ft. jewelry manufacturing plant built in the 1960's was repurposed. Phase 1 consisted of renovating over 40,000 sq. ft. It is now home to a 1000 seat auditorium , themed children's church, nursery rooms, and a large gathering area with an adjacent café'.

The jewelry manufacture facility was built in the 60's. This 3 story facility is 135,000 sq. ft.

The foot print was 40,000 sq. ft. the church continued to add to the project during construction to include the sanctuary, offices, video room, café, café lounge, child care facility, youth gathering area and kids play room.

We had to restructure the exterior adding another drive exit per the City do to visibility. The facility was not designed to be a church.

Cutting out the second floor and demoing a two story sanctuary is not an easy task. We had to add new footings, 80 foot beam to support the structure, added beams and two story columns all around the exterior walls plus a large Colum and beam to support the roof.

When we started the demolition we found the structure was made of wood and drywall with metal beams sitting on wood pallets. This facility was over 50 years old patching and polishing the concrete floors was a challenge.

The electric room is large enough to power the entire city. 6 inch conduct was added. The facility was heated and cooled by an old boiler system 24 to be exact. Had to replace all the HVAC to bring up to date.

The city was easy to work with. A church of this size was new for the city. The town is very conservative and small.

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