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Solomon Awards Milestone Church

Milestone Church in Keller, TX consisted of an 86,000 s.f tilt wall structure with associated site work. The facility consists of a 1600 seat worship room, large commons, children's, and administrative space. A large tubes play and cafe are situated in the commons for members and guest to enjoy.

Goff Companies began working with Milestone in November 2012. 

We were asked to assist in developing a strategic plan focused on facility expansion. They had been growing at a rapid growth rate and started to slow and was not sure what their next step was going to be. In January 2013, we completed our Step 1 proprietary process for facility expansion (s.a.f.e.).

Our recommendation from the assessment was to relocate.  Their existing barriers to growth could not be corrected at the existing location.  Our recommendation to relocate to a new campus had already been considered by Milestone. The church was excited we had come to the same conclusion. 

Confirmation to relocate to a new location had its complexity as well, where can we find enough land to accommodate our church and still provide ministry within Keller, Texas?  This was the vision of Lead Pastor Jeff Little. Milestone Church and Goff Companies had developed a great working relationship during our Step 1 Assessment and we both wanted to continue into this next step of finding land that could be large enough to accommodate the church. 

A 53 acre parcel owned by a residential developer was located but was entangled with many issues for entitlements, oil and gas issues and future permitting issues.  After 10 months of hard negotiations with the developer, city and financial lenders, we were successful in eliminating all the obstacles. 

Our planning process began with extensive fact-finding that touches on all aspects of the project to fully understand the opportunities and challenges of the proposed Phase 1 and future expansion. We considered the multiple elements in allowing for a smooth transition into future building phases. 

Our team developed an affordable design and constructability that addressed current program requirements. All of the Phase 1 components dictated a requirement for a balance between worship seats, children education and parking spaces.  Establishing the required circulation locations was essential for the success of phase 1 as well as future expansions. How and where these circulation systems connect were critical when developing future planning options. 

Our planning options for future additions addressed the impacts to existing site conditions. Our goal was to not plan for future buildings that would require any pavement demolition. How parking needs were addressed, what site infrastructure was affected, and how site accessibility is altered played a role in the current phase and future phases. Projects with multiple phases are complicated to ensure a comprehensive building aesthetic once all phases are complete.

Our team decided to use a tilt-wall construction as a common material for all phases.  Additionally, by choosing to use this material Milestone was able to stay within their financial capacity as well.  In addition to building a balanced Phase 1 facility including 1600 worship seats, large commons and secure children space, we were able to develop an Phase 1A that would expand the worship room to 2500 seats.

Creative planning on the front end will always make your project more successful.

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