Roopville Road Baptist Church

Designers created a new sanctuary and education building for Roopville Road Baptist Church. This building contains 54,000 square feet of space and provides for future growth. The two-story, 1,200-seat sanctuary is accented with stone and wood creating a warm and welcoming environment. A well lit cupola designates the covered entry.

Rootville Road Baptist Church was founded in 1978 in a small, rural community. During its early history, the church enjoyed success in a modest 40-foot by 90-foot two-story red brick building. The campus also contained a small metal multipurpose building. In the late 1990s, the design team for CDH Partners planned a 32,000-square-foot Christian Life Center that provided much needed space for the church's many activities. This large multipurpose building contains a fellowship hall, space for special events, basketball and volleyball courts, exercise facilities, and additional educational space.

By 2008, the church had outgrown its worship and educational spaces and there was a tremendous need for expansion despite the church's being located in a rural community. The architectural team was asked to design a dedicated state-of-the-art sanctuary with more space for preschool, children, and administration needs. Church leaders realized that in order to keep young families in the community, they would need to provide a progressive and engaging worship facility that could be enjoyed by all age groups with a special emphasis on families and singles.

Sanctuary, Administration and Education Wing Construction(Roopville Road Baptist Church)

Roopville, Georgia
Project Size: 801-2000 seats
Completion Date: September 17, 2014

The exterior of the sanctuary building was designed with stucco with a stone base economical, but attractive and durable. The main sanctuary was designed with large stone columns to define the entry with a well-lit cupola that can be seen from far away as you are approaching the site. These elements work together to create a new identity for this church. They also incorporate the natural feel of the surrounding area and create a strong and stable presence.

The church wanted a semi-rustic feel with modern touches. The goal was to design a facility that reflects the church's desire to have a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which people would feel at home and want to linger before and after the worship services. Large windows allow an abundance of natural light to flow into the lobby. Those visiting the church look out on the beauty of the church's natural setting.

Church leaders placed a high emphasis on congregational involvement and fellowship within the community. Therefore, the plan included the construction of additional educational space, gathering places, a choir room, admin space, and a spacious 1,200-seat sanctuary accented with stone and wood to create a warm environment. The choir area holds up to 75 choir members.

This new 54,000-square-foot, two-story building also houses administrative offices and additional educational space. The sanctuary's auditorium seating is fanned out, which allows the congregation to feel closer to the pastor and the worship leader during services. The music rehearsal suite, preschool education wing, and a coffee bar are also located on the first level.

Administration offices and adult educational spaces are located on the second floor. This level is accessible from the interior of the building and the exterior. A new covered entry makes wayfinding into the church's grand lobby simple. When lit at night, the cupola and tower provide an iconic presence for the surrounding community.

Designers used a warm natural color palette. Floors were designed with stained concrete, luxury vinyl tile, and carpet. The state-of-the-art facility also includes audio and video booths and theatrical lighting and a baptistery. Gathering spaces throughout the worship center provide additional places for fellowship. The expansion includes an education wing for children and preschoolers. The children's floor contains a children's theater with a firehouse theme.

As with most churches today, safety was a top concern. Interior designers paid close attention to features that would create a secure environment for children. These spaces were designed to draw children into a fun environment that is safe and secure. A bright and colorful check in/check out desk was designed to continue the fire station theme. Vibrant colors, spacious rooms, and a children's theater are fun additional elements for this age group.

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