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Rock Valley Christian Church - Sanctuary Renovation (Design)

Rock Valley Christian Church - Sanctuary Renovation (Design)

Rock Valley Christian Church, a warm, Murrieta, CA, country church renovates it worship center, AVL and fellowship space to match the vision of an old-barn feel with reclaimed wood, rusted corrugated metal accents and warm neutrals. It now reflects the personality of it's town and congregation with an industrial touch.

The vision for Rock Valley Christian Church's re-design:  Create a warm, Murrieta-country church, old barn feel, with just a touch of industrial.  Keep the overall aesthetic warm, warm, warm.  We want people to feel enveloped by the space, the people, and the embrace of God.  The space shouldn't get in the way of the connection with our brothers, sisters and Lord, neither being too modern/edgy/cool, nor being too 1991."

Sanctuary Renovation - Design (Rock Valley Christian Church)

Murrieta, California
Project Size: 1-300 seats
Completion Date:June 10, 2015

The existing worship space had the standard white walls, green carpet and burgundy upholstered pews. It was very cold and didn't fit the close knit, hometown vibe exuded by the congregation or the surrounding community.  We brought in the warmth with the finishes by adding a carpet plank in rust/brown tones and paint colors in warm neutrals with rust accents. Designing in textures like wood and rusted metal throughout also helped to break up the cold hard surfaces.

The stage focus was particularly challenging since the different wall heights which were distracting and created almost a kind of arrow in the center. We solved this issue adding the wood plank to extend to the ceiling on the back wall and using darker paints to diminish the lines.

Placing 2 new LCD Monitors also helped to mask the different wall heights. We blacked out the ceiling above and added some Edison pendant lighting to really put emphasis on the stage focus. Designing custom mobile screens in reclaimed wood and corrugated metal provide interest and hide the door locations. The screens can also be turned around to reveal whiteboards which was requested by the pastor and something he uses quite frequently.

We went from very 1991, and cold, to a perfect representation of the vision above.  Murrieta is the kind of town where you see folks on horseback on the sidewalks of the main thoroughfares, with a Starbucks cup in hand.


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