The Restoration of Oasis Church

Due to continued growth, LA-based Oasis Church moved out of the old theater it had been using and purchased the 1926-era Wilshire Christian Church. The historic nature of the building provided the opportunity to restore an aging facility.

Oasis Church is located near the Los Angeles Metro Station, in the highly diverse Mid-Wilshire/ Koreatown district it's the ideal site for the church's mission of "breathing life onto dry bones" (Ezekiel 37:4-6).

Due to continued growth, the church moved out of an old theater it had been using and purchased the 1926-era Wilshire Christian Church on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Normandie Avenue. The historic nature of the building provided the opportunity to restore an aging facility. The goal was to bring a vibrant congregation through its doors and bring worship and glory to God.

Preservation, repairs and upgrades had to be handled carefully in order to not preserve the character-defining materials that made the first church built on Wilshire a local landmark. This opportunity was the foundation for Oasis Church's partnership with Visioneering Studios.

Visioneering Studios was asked to provide modern audio, visual and lighting capabilities, repair the HVAC system, remove some accessibility barriers, provide new restrooms (and remodel existing ones) and completely remodel the ground floor to accommodate the Children's Ministry. There was a fine line to be walked when juxtaposing the edifice's traditional characteristics with a contemporary worship space that would be "life-giving for all generations," as church director Alex Moreno-Jones put it.

Renovation (Oasis Church)

Los Angeles, California
Project Size: 801-2000 seats
Completion Date:

The new wood-plank resilient stage was constructed to fully integrate original pieces of the sanctuary, including the elevated platform on which a pipe organ once rested. A mesh grill of perforated metal surrounding the stage enabled the subwoofers to be tucked underneath. Custom millwork was used to match the original moldings of the preserved areas in the sanctuary to create a sense of continuity between the old and the new. Meanwhile, glass railings were installed along the balconies to complement the historic features of the church while meeting safety code requirements.

The unique location and historic nature of the building required some innovative problem solving in order to complete the project within budget and on time. Visioneering Studios had to figure out how to get the children's building conditioned along with the worship center with only an 800-amp service. To address this in a cost-effective manner, a large circulation fan was installed in the worship center.

Providing modern audio, visual and lighting capabilities in the worship center required some creative ingenuity, too. Neither lights nor speakers could be hung from the ceilings or walls due to potential damage to the antique building. So, Visioneering Studios created a box-truss structure that framed the stage and could support the lighting fixtures, speaker bunkers and two 9-foot by 16-foot screens.

Despite the undersized power source and the limited accessibility to the staging area (not to mention a lack of parking downtown LA parking space), the renovation was completed within budget and on time for a Grand Opening Sunday, August 4, 2013 after just three months of construction.

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