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Prestonwood Baptist Church Views Facility Management as a Ministry

Prestonwood Baptist Church Views Facility Management as a Ministry

At Prestonwood Baptist Church's main campus, located in Plano, Texas, succinct facility management and operations administration is key to following the vision of the multisite house of worship. With three campuses located in Prosper and Dallas, along with the Plano campus, maintaining one church in multiple locations is a high priority.
Ben Lovvorn is the Director of Administration and Operations for Prestonwood. Working under the leadership Pastor Jack Graham, Executive Pastor Mike Buster, and Executive Director of Administration Alan Monk, Lovvorn's role is to help manage the administration of the church and oversee church facilities and other mission critical, behind-the-scenes, operational tasks.
As the Director of Administration and Operations, one of Lovvorn's goals is to facilitate the vision of the church by monitoring church resources and creating a welcoming and fulfilling experience for attendees.
Part of fulfilling Prestonwood's mission is being a good steward of the church's resources.  Practicing efficient financial management takes many forms across Prestonwood's three campuses.

The church's Energy Management Program through Cenergistic has been in place since 2006, saving the church almost 8 million dollars, which is then able to go toward ministry.  One aspect of Prestonwood's facility management is constant communication.  As the Director of Administration and Operations, Lovvorn must ensure that staff and leadership are always in touch within a single facility and across the church's campuses. From succinct facility scheduling to always remembering to turn lights off after use, Prestonwood's vision for energy management, and ministry, is based on interpersonal cooperation.

With the multisite approach, the consistency of the worship experience in both the main campus and throughout the satellite campuses is one of the most important goals for the hired staff and volunteers alike. A well-managed worship experience requires expertise from the hands helping make it possible. To do this Lovvorn points to the church's purposeful recruiting and training program for those involved in church operations. He refers to this as occupational discipleship, and, just as the name indicates, emphasizes that the administrative and operational skills learned in the training program are an important part of ministry of the church.

According to Lovvorn, the church hopes that their training program will grow into a nationally known resource for facility and operations education. Because the development program is not tied to a normal achievement based track, there is no established course of advancement, but Operations Trainees are encouraged to learn and develop their skills for the advancement of the ministry until they are asked to take on additional responsibilities at Prestonwood or launched into the ministry of another church.

Prestonwood's dedication to discipleship is engendered in Lovvorn's focus on ministry over staff retention. According to Lovvorn, staff members are considered for their dedication to the church's mission with a heart to serve God and follow his calling. If the members of the operations team are truly dedicated to serving God, and the team is built on furthering the ministry, then retention will take care of itself.

As the Director of Administration and Operations, Ben Lovvorn is dedicated to making sure Prestonwood runs as effectively as possible for the advancement of the Gospel. Called to work in the ministry from the corporate world, ex-lawyer Lovvorn holds true to the ideal that ministry should always come first and his commitment to maintaining a team based approach focused on the church's mission and God's hand in ministry is expressed in how the church functions each week.

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