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Future Pro Inc. of Inman, Kan., has done everything from NBA gyms to driveways, so President and Owner Ron Ensz says the company is well attuned to the fitness and recreation needs of churches, from the largest to the smallest. Today, churches make up a high percentage of Future Pro’s business.

Ensz provides the following lists for Worship Facilities’ readers that are planning to add fitness amenities into their ministries. Much like building design and proper planning for audio-visual needs, a church’s recreation and sports offerings require proper planning before installation. Read on for the checklists from Ensz tailored specifically for church leaders. For more information, see www.futureproinc.com.

Basic Building Questions
1. What is the purpose of this building and how will it be used?

A. Trying to keep it flexible?

B. Who will control the facility?

2. Who will be using the courts?

A. Do you need adjustable goals for different age groups?

B. Will two sports be played at one time? Basketball and


3. What size will the court be?

A. Regulation size, 50’x94’, or maybe 50’X84’?

B. Will any “official” games be played here; church, school, or league?

C. Do you need regulation size backboards?

D. Do you have enough out-of-bounds room?

E. What kind of floor will the court have?

F. How will we mark the floor?

G. What colors will we use? Will we need to match padding colors, doors, etc.?

Portable Basketball Goals
1. Will portable goals allow for more flexibility than structure would?

2. Do we have enough room for the base to be off the court?

A. Can we still walk behind it?

B. How much overhang does it have?

3. Do we have storage for the units?

A. How big is our storage? Keep the future in mind.

B. Does it have double doors?

C. Is it close?

D. Do we have to move tables & chairs to get goals in and out?

4. How often will we move the goals?

A. Is more than one person available?

B. The floor surface, thresholds and corners all make a big difference

when moving goals.

5. How sturdy is the unit?

A. Can kids dunk on it?

B. Will all play be supervised?

Wall Structure Basketball Goals
1. Will it bother us to look at the goal during a wedding reception? Would

it be distracting to have a backboard in the background when someone is

speaking? Can they be hidden?

2. Stationary, sidefold, or swing up?

A. What will the wall height be?

B. What is the ceiling height?

C. Manual or power adjust?

3. Will the walls support the weight of the unit over a long period of


A. Did you need to plan for some extra support bracing?

4. Do they need to be height adjustable?

5. How soon do we need them?

A. Telescopic

B. Standard equipment is much cheaper than custom made.

Volleyball & Other Sports
1. Will we play more than just basketball?

2. Volleyball, pickleball, badminton, shuffleboard, soccer?

A. Volleyball Standards

1. Aluminum vs. steel

2. Portable vs. stationary

3. Can you put in floor sockets? (Put knockouts in before pouring floor.) Different floors require different kinds of

sockets. How many courts do we need? What size sockets?

4. Do we need the net height-adjustable?

5. Do you have storage space for all the extra equipment? What

about storage for future purchases?

1. Wall, backboard, stage, I-Beam, etc.

1. Benches or bleachers

Parking Lots or Grass Areas
1. Lighted concrete parking area?

A. Is the equipment made strong enough for unsupervised play?

B. Do we get a good warranty?

2. Do you want outdoor volleyball, basketball, etc.?

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