Mission Hills Church - Children’s Area

Build it and they will come. This original Mission Hill's children's wing was maxed out within a year and a half with 534 children up from 197. This new design added 29,000 square feet to the children's area, and the existing spaces were repurposed.

Mission Hills Church relocated into a high-tech industrial park in Littleton, CO in August of 2010. The campus was built around a central spine called "Main Street," which housed the main entry to the church west. At the far east end was housed the entry to the children's ministry. This enables members to easily drop off their children on the their way to their church activities.

The initial building on 17 acres occupied 107,000 square feet, seated 1,100 for worship (expandable to 1,700). The initial children's wing housed 197 children. Within one and half years, they maxed out the facility with 534 children. The recent addition to the children's areas added 29,000 square feet and then many of the existing spaces were repurposed and the church occupied the new space early in 2014.They currently average 813 children each Sunday. The church itself had 1,250 attend when they moved into the new building in 2010. Today, it serves 4,143 in five services.

Children’s Area (Mission Hills Church)

Littleton, Texas
Project Size: 801-2000 seats
Completion Date: December 22, 2013

In the children's area, theming was very important, but totally different for age groups. The nursery is called "The barn," with animals that would be found in the barnyard. The entry off "Main Street" leads into the elementary "Sidewalk" theme, with half of a Volkswagen greeting the children.

As you move into this wing, it's called "Raha Place," with oceans, jungles and special Colorado seasons area. The "Colorado "season area was a separate addition in this phase. The children's church is called the "Boat House" and brings all the themes together.

As the church continues to increase in numbers, the next phase is being planned and will move the youth into a separate facility, expanding the worship center to 1,700 and repurposing the current youth area into adult education space.

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