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Miracles Can Happen

Miracles Can Happen

Meet Rachael Daniels Rowland

Many people complain that we don't see the miracles of the Bible today. That's not true. Just ask Rachael Daniels Rowland of Churches by Daniels Construction in Tulsa, Okla., who shares her miraculous testimony for the glory of Godwith a message for moms.

On August 13, 2012, Rowland was 28 weeks pregnant with her second child. She stopped at the gym on her way to work, which was nothing new for this former athlete who likes to stay in shape. But during her workout she fainted, hitting her head hard on the concrete floor. Rowland began convulsing and personal trainer Whitney Finch, a student at Rhema Bible College, began praying over her. "I started praying in the name of Jesus," Finch says. "I was speaking that there would be no side effects, she'd be completely healed and whole."

Her convulsions stopped and she regained consciousness within minutes. "She was talking when she left for the hospital," Finch says. He continued to pray throughout the day. Rowland would need those prayers. She had fractures to the temporal bone of her skull and two types of heavy intracranial bleeding. The combined injuries are often fatal. Once at the hospital blood poured from her ear and the surgeons were not optimistic for her survival or her baby's.

After surgery, doctors, neurosurgeons and nurses confirmed the miracle. "I was mentally sharp and had no signs of any physical or mental deficiencies," says Rowland. "The question still lingered as to how the baby would be. She had been through a lot of trauma and the doctors said they were amazed that she never showed any signs of it while being monitored at the hospital."

Days after leaving the hospital she visited the gym to thank those who helped her, including Whitney Finch. Rowland and Finch learned they attended the same church. Finch says, "It's just about being a vessel for God. God's power works, that's what it's here for, you know?" Rowland says she's reminded of Psalm 37:23, "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord."

The miracle was completed when daughter Ali-Joy arrived November 1st, healthy and full term. Rowland says she looks at motherhood differently now. "I think a lot of moms are like I was and they try to do it all and they put a lot of pressure on themselves to be supermom, super wife, super employee, super daughter, and so on. I have learned that I need to focus on the things that have eternal value and let the other stuff go." Now she shares her story to remind others. "I have had several opportunities to speak publically about my accident and I consider it to be such a blessing. I committed to the Lord that I would share of his goodness and faithfulness every chance I get. I also try to reiterate the fact that none of us are promised tomorrow."

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