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Hitachi's CP-WX8255A Projector Dazzles Grace Community Church With Clarity and Brightness

Hitachi's CP-WX8255A Projector Dazzles Grace Community Church With Clarity and Brightness

With an aging 2,500-lumen standard projector losing its color and clarity, Grace Community Church needed an upgrade.

The CP-WX8255A projector is used to display pre-service announcements, service videos, song visuals and message notes each week.

"We specifically chose the CP-WX8255A because it fit our needs to go wide-screen and its 5,500 lumens makes a huge difference in our sanctuary," Bruce Cowan treasurer and video operator of the Washington church explains.

The ability to use the projector in a well-lit room on a sunny day was a key factor in choosing the perfect projector. "I don't have to pray for dark, cloudy days on Sunday's anymore," Cowan says. The clear, bright picture is easy to see without turning any lights off or closing down the shades in the church.

The widescreen format of the CP-WX8255A has allowed the church to put up more information for the public than ever before. The upgrade from a 100-inch diagonal 4:3 screen to a 129-inch diagonal 16:10 screen was a well-received change for Grace Community; one that has not gone unnoticed. "From the very first day the Hitachi projector was installed people came back after the service to thank us for the newer, brighter, larger pictures," Cowan says. "No one realized that the same slides which we used before had so much color to them."

Ease of use was another important aspect in the final decision of the CP-WX8255A. As the main researcher, procurer, installer and operator of the projector, Cowan has found the Hitachi unit very easy to use and operate.

The upgrade has also reduced background noise during services with the projector's "eco-mode", which results in a whisper-quiet audio output. This is particularly important for the speakers on stage, which are located under the projector. None of the running noise is detected by the sound system allowing for peaceful and clear services every Sunday.

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