Free Chapel - Audio and Video Design and Implementation

Free Chapel turned to Moyers Group to replace an aging SD video system with a modern nine-camera, high-definition broadcast video system, 3mm LED video walls and other interconnected sub-systems for worldwide broadcast.

Free Chapel's main broadcast campus in Gainesville, Ga. originates television content for Jentezen Franklin's Kingdom Connection broadcast ministry to a worldwide audience as well as for playback at two satellite campuses in Suwanee, Ga. and Orange County, Calif. The 3,000-seat facility was opened in 2004 and, a decade later, was beginning to show its age, which limited the church's artistic and service programming goals.

Free Chapel turned to Moyers Group to design and implement a complete overhaul of the video system and other interconnected and related sub-systems. The Moyers Group team began with a complete redesign of the control room space in order to maximize workflow efficiencies and modernize the aesthetics. Working in 3D, the resulting models served as the basis for the architectural remodeling necessary to support the design.

The scope of the upgrade was an all-new, nine-camera high-definition broadcast video system as well as upgrading the main auditorium video display technology, audio mixing consoles and infrastructure, production intercom, production IT, digital signage, and live dual stream video over IP transmission to the satellite campuses.

The foundation of the video system is an Imagine Communications 200 x 208 Platinum Router with on-board multi-viewers and multiple channels of mux/demux circuitry. Two control rooms one focused on IMAG for the live room and one dedicated to broadcast for online delivery and capture for broadcast TV are centered around a common Ross Vision switcher platform with dual control panels, Hitachi SK-HD1200 cameras and various graphics and playback sources from Apple, Blackmagic Designs, Grass Valley and Ross Video.

Audio and Video Design and Implementation (Free Chapel)

Gainesville, Georgia
Project Size: 2001+ seats
Completion Date: May 1, 2014

A new master control suite serves as the Sunday morning nerve center for on-campus facility systems as well as remote transmission systems to the satellite campuses. All cameras are iso-recorded to Video Devices Pix260 recorders with timecode lock to enable for post-production editing for TV broadcast. The video system creates spectacular images that are displayed on 18-foot-wide Absen 3mm LED walls in the main sanctuary. Many of the lighting and video display elements on stage are rigged touring-style, with truss and motors or chain falls to provide maximum flexibility for configuration and placement.

The Digico Optocore platform is the foundation for sharing audio from 184 physical inputs and 144 physical outputs between three SD-series audio consoles at the front of house, monitor world and broadcast. A large Clearcom Eclipse matrix intercom system provides a cohesive communication platform for the production team as well as integrating with similar systems at satellite campuses via IP transmission for multi-campus coordination.

A significant challenge to this implementation was coordinating the system installation around a fast-paced 24/7 facility with little to no possible downtime. The installation was complete on time in April 2014. "Moyers Group has done a great job of doing their homework and bringing us solutions that help us to accomplish our vision rather than holding us back as happened frequently with our previous technology systems," says Dustin Whitt, chief experience officer for the church.

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