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Florida Church Revamps Worship/Gym Space With elektraLite

Florida Church Revamps Worship/Gym Space With elektraLite

Entertainment Arts specifies Dazers and eyeBalls to illuminate the new stage and room at Community United Methodist Church.

Fruitland Park, Florida's Community United Methodist Church is no exception, and last November expanded its gymnasiumbetter known as the Family Life Centerto provide an improved contemporary worship space, which visitors young and old welcomed in January.

Orlando-based design-install company Entertainment Arts, Inc. worked on the church's lighting plans for nearly a year as the long-awaited room remodel fulfilled a need, explains Entertainment Arts Founder and CEO Tim Huff.

Construction plans called for a stagethe church never had one previouslyto be built into a long wall, while still maintaining the room's gymnasium use.

To properly light the newly remodeled space, Huff tapped elektraLite to supply 20 Dazer WW (Warm White, 3,200K) LED fixtures set at 60-degree beam spreads for house down lighting. Four more Dazer WWs set to much tighter 25-degree beam spreads and paired with 10 eyeBall RGBW LED fixtures were also installed to illuminate the new stage area.

"The elektraLite Dazer WW fixtures have been quite impressive," notes Community Director of Youth and Contemporary Worship Ministries Brandon Bishop. "The quality of light, both in color and intensity, has far surpassed our initial expectations. The warm white fixtures create an inviting feel in the room. Even when fully powered, they create a crisp, well-lit environment without overpowering the room. The same applies to the Dazers used on stage. Skin tones look natural and the dimming capability of this fixture allows us to maximize the use of color on stage without washing it out. The eyeBall fixtures render color exceptionally well and are well balanced throughout the color palette."

When asked why Entertainment Arts selected elektraLite products for this particular installation, Huff comments, "Four reasons - elektraLite products provide high-level output, very smooth light distribution, a full color palette from a small fixture and less bad out-of-box' issues found with other manufacturers at the same price point."

The Dazer down lights, which replaced four-foot fluorescents, are "an amazing change, providing the smoothest light coverage possible," adds Huff. "Protecting all the fixtures from ball damage was initially a bit of a challenge, but after three months of use, the newly installed Dazers and eyeBalls have gone unscathed and lit the revamped worship space to everyone's delight."

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