First Baptist Church of Toccoa

First Baptist Church of Toccoa in Toccoa, Georgia, completed construction of a new 14,500 square foot multi-purpose building provided families with new opportunities for contemporary worship, fellowship, community outreach and youth ministries in December of 2015, offering space for meeting and gathering in the community-minded facility.

CDH Partners proudly offers the First Baptist Church of Toccoa as an example of our continuing tradition of innovative design for religious facilities.  Incorporating an existing building into the plans, we were able to include all the church leaders' goals for increasing space availability and providing modern functionality.  The now completed 14,500 SF multi-purpose building affords church leaders and parishioners a beautiful and contemporary structure that enhances their spiritual experience.

The First Baptist Church of Toccoa, founded in 1872, provides a firm foundation for residents in the small northeastern Georgia town.  The need for renovation and expansion arose after nearly a century of maintaining spiritual guidance at the original location. New facilities, built in the early 1970s, allowed the church to serve an increasing congregation and local community.

Church Design (First Baptist Church of Toccoa)

Toccoa, Georgia
Project Size: 301-800 seats
Completion Date: December 1, 2015

Church leaders decided, after five decades of use, that physical improvements were needed to better serve local families, community and youth ministry.  They selected CDH Partners, an architectural firm from Marietta, GA, to deliver guidance in this important process that would ultimately provide a positive impact on the surrounding communities.

Church officials and members had three main goals for the expansion:

Provide a large multi-purpose space for contemporary worship, fellowship and recreation,
Provide a new youth ministry space that would connect to their existing small groups space,
Provide an outdoor plaza space that would offer an exterior venue to be used simultaneously or separately from the multi-purpose room for seasonal events.

The multi-purpose space was designed to accommodate nearly 450 people for assembly or approximately 350 persons for a dining fellowship.  The existing commercial grade kitchen is attached through the new serving area.  A performance stage and audio/video/lighting enhancements were included to improve worship facilities, both in fellowship and dining arrangements.

The new youth assembly area's main purpose is to provide updated and relevant space for nearly 200 persons.  Among the innovative amenities are an elevated sound booth, a state-of-the-art audio/video presentation system, and a fully functional café.  The open mezzanine connects smaller group spaces on the second floor via a large-scale, open staircase.  This contemporary space is unlike any other in the area.

Church leaders' master plan envisioned an area which incorporates interior and exterior space to enhance the parishioners' experience.  By using newly designed entrance/exit ways, the exterior plaza space can be utilized during the more climate friendly seasons in conjunction with the interior space to increase the number of visitors using the facility at a single time.  This also allows church officials to plan and conduct large scale events that serve the congregation and community at large.

The construction project lasted about 12 months and was finished so that the Church was able to use the facility in the 2015 Christmas season.  The now completed project provides an outstanding and innovative facility for contemporary service, fellowship and community activities.

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