The Father’s House

A growing faith community has moved from its previous home in a former grocery store into its new main campus, including a new 1,865 seat auditorium and state of the art kids environment. Construction of this project has been part of Lead Pastor Dave Patterson's vision since launching the church.

With a strong desire to embrace good stewardship and reject the false demands that often come with consumerism, the Father's House has not only been passionate about increasing their space for ministry, but designing and building that space in an efficient and cost-effective way.  Their partnership with Visioneering has allowed them to tell their story in creative and contextual ways that lower barriers of entry for their outside community while being smart with their limited resources.

New Campus Construction)

Vacaville, California
Project Size: 801-200 seats
Completion Date:January 8, 2016

Inspiration for the new design was derived from the Biblical stories of God's people being on a journey of faith in the wilderness where they are required to embrace an "architecture of impermanence;" or a call to be temporary, contextual, and mobile in their worship space. 

This was antithetical to their former "temple permanence" paradigm of place and space.  To accomplish this their new building uses the image of divided waters to create a metaphoric passage through the Red Sea, into the main worship area. The updated sanctuary is now a simple, tilt-up concrete box, with the focus centered on an exposed corner column painted red (directing one's eye to the worship center itself). In the children's area, the fabric colors and corresponding graphics encourage the premise of a wilderness journey, and remind those who enter the space that this house' is a temporary stop on the adventure towards our heavenly home.

This wilderness theme was also incorporated into the project's capital campaign, aptly titled We Can Do This.'  The idea was taken from Numbers 13:30, when the Israelites were on their journey to the Promised Land and said, "We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it."

While embracing the narrative of impermanence, The Father's House new facility does not forfeit innovation. In fact, it's poised to be the most technologically advanced auditorium in the area, with plans to allow for other gatherings and events to host there, as well. By inviting their neighbors to join in with the church's story—that is, the story of God—The Father's House will have ample opportunity to spread His love to everyone.

This recent partnership between Visioneering and ARC churches is already having an important impact on many lives. Tiny houses may be a viable option for individuals or small families, but the family of God will always remain focused on, both, qualitative and quantitative growth. And now that The Father's House has increased in size, the community is able to watch and witness how the Father will fill it.

Notable achievements in Phase I include:

The Worship Center, a 32,500-square foot facility from which they'll broadcast their services, including stadium seating for 1,865, additional overflow rooms, an interior baptismal, green room, café, and lobby.

The Children's Building, a 14,000-square foot facility will host a licensed preschool for up to 160 children, has large group rooms, a check-in lobby, and a gated outdoor play area.  This building will free up space for employees, as well as church members, in the business park.

Various site improvements, 680 parking stalls, including VIP parking expandable to 1,000 in a future phase, landscaping and hardscaping, an entry fountain next to the Children's Building, and a fountain at the Worship Center.

It will be one of the largest community gathering places in Vacaville, Calif.



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