Disciple Central Community Church

Disciple Central Community Church was a 32,000 sf. remodel / repurposing of an existing building to allow for the church's relocation. The Church partnered with Goff Companies for a design-build facility that included a 1,000 seat new auditorium, with children's and adult education spaces.

Disciple Central Community Church was a design-build 1000 seat remodel / repurposing of an existing facility.

While there were many issues to consider for Disciple Central Community Church, our primary goal was to determine another location for their new home, while maintaining financial health during a relocation project.

Our planning and pre-construction process had to include establishing the historical and current metrics for the church, or in other words, their DNA. We began by identifying the church's historical growth rate, and started analyzing the: who, what, when, where and why, and most importantly to the church the "HOW".  Providing a solution to the "HOW" is where Goff Companies planning and pre-construction process brings a tremendous value to the church.

New Campus Construction (Disciple Central Community Church)

Desoto, Texas
Project Size: 801-2000 seats
Completion Date: March 24, 2015

By developing and collecting data specific to Disciple Central Community Church, Goff Companies was able to analyze, summarize and compare "Inside the Doors" and "Outside the Doors" ministry data, and provide a strategy for growth and expansion while maintaining the financial health of the church.

We used our proprietary process to provide Marcus King Ministries a sequential step-by-step approach to break down this process into phases. The phases included: the pastor's vision definition and goals, gathering data to determine current and future profiles of the church and surrounding community, understanding existing facility usage and capacity, analysis and alignment of the gathered data, prioritizing, and finally planning for vision advancement.

The general assumption was that Marcus D King Ministries could NOT continue to grow at its historically steady pace due to limited facilities.  All barriers were in play.

A shortage of Worship Center seats.
A shortage of readily available parking spaces.
A shortage of education space for adults, but particularly youth and children.
A shortage of nursery space.

The objective was to understand the possibilities for a relocation of the church.  We believed this to be the only viable option due to limited resources available for construction. We determined the appropriate Phase I scope and future master plan requirements. In order for the vision to succeed, Goff Companies looked at five important components:

Is there a facility available,
Can the new facility accommodate future growth, 
Does the church have the financial capacity and willingness to service expansion debt,
How much money should the church budget for expansion, and

Can we fulfill their Vision?

Based on all of the information compiled and presented during the planning process, the leadership of Disciple Central Community Church recognized recent growths in attendance had created barriers with its current facility that limited future sustainable growth.  Again, the church knew many of their barriers, as most churches do, they just didn't know HOW to create and implement a viable plan. Goff Companies assisted the church in producing a viable plan, including a phase I short-term strategy design to allow expeditious use of the new facility, while clearly understanding and defining future full build out potential.  Goff Companies established the following ministry areas:

Dynamic Children's Ministry Space

We believed an opportunity for growth at Disciple Central Community Church existed in developing an adequately spacious, dedicated and dynamic ministry space for Children.  The space developed included nursery, pre-K, kindergarten, and children space through the 6th grade.

We envisioned a dedicated and secure space for children of all ages that could be themed to attract the attention of young families and their children.  It is our experience that growing churches offer programming for children to include both an exciting assembly area and breakout venues for small group discipleship.

Worship Center Seats

The new Worship Center would have a seating capacity of approximately 1,000.  It is our experience that churches have difficulty maintaining attendance above 80 percent capacity for extended periods.  This church is the exception because of their culture.


Analysis of the new location's on-site existing parking was more than adequate due to the previous building use was a large grocery store.  All that was required was to add new landscape areas, patch areas that had been abused, and re-stripe for code reasons.

Adult Education

The proposed adult education program space was the excitement of the church.  Their current facility did not provide adequate space for the size of their program need.  Great emphasis was placed on ensuring this ministry was adequately sized.

The new worship facility and commons was constructed in 10 months, which was shorter than the projected timeline of 12 months.  Additionally, the budget provided to construct the facility increased by less than three (3 percent).  Dedication Service was held on Easter.  The church held multiple services with each at full capacity.

Pastor King praised the efforts of Goff Companies for helping the Church achieve their vision.  Plan to Build and Build to Plan works every time.

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