CrossWinds Church

After nearly a decade searching for the perfect piece of land to build, CrossWinds Church saw the potential in a historic, century-old dairy farm. While many of the existing structures were in great need of repair, CrossWinds transformed the property into a place where its members now feel at home.

CrossWinds Church has long considered itself the church of the gathered and scattered. Not only does the community gather together for spiritual formation, but they scatter to wherever God leads, serving as the hands and feet of Jesus outside the church walls.

New Campus Construction (CrossWinds Church)

Pleasanton, California
Project Size:801-2000 seats
Completion Date:May 3, 2015

Though CrossWinds' intention has always been to fulfill this mission and to create an improved facility, the new space took much longer to secure than was originally expected. 

The church's building campaign began more than fourteen years ago, while they temporarily rented space in an industrial office park in California's Bay Area. Following a failed attempt to gain approval on another site, CrossWinds eventually acquired an area adjacent to Interstate 580 in the town of Pleasanton. The 35-acre property was a historic, century-old dairy farm, but over the years, many of the structures had become somewhat dilapidated and in need of repair. Still, the site alluded to an earlier, classic agrarian landscape, featuring multiple streams and lush plant life.

While early master plans called for an overhaul on much of the original site, these conversations quickly diverted into a different plan altogether; instead, the team would focus on God's promises to bring restoration to the land, to the materials, and to the lives in its community. And that is exactly what they did.

CrossWinds recently celebrated the facility’s official opening and their heart for gathering and scattering was reflected in countless design details. They have truly taken cues from God's architecture—that is, the original site—as well as from the land's cherished story. An incredible 900-seat, 11,000-square-foot auditorium has been inexpensively housed in a pre-engineered metal shed, utilizing reclaimed wood from a few of the dairy structures to cover strategic corners.

The children's ministry is now located in restored modular trailers, enveloped by intersecting, playful canopies and garden walls finished with reclaimed wooden slats. In addition, the outdoor areas in between buildings have a distinct wine country feel, and serve as a community courtyard for church members. These open spaces feature decomposed granite, colored concrete, grass mounds, and a large silo play structure for kids and adults alike.

Through this process, the CrossWinds family has recognized a direct correlation between how God's guidance helped to transform the run-down dairy, and how He can turn what feels imperfect in our own lives into something beautiful.

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