CrossPointe Church

The new, 44,000-square-foot CrossPointe Church is an inspirational model of symbolism, community, and grace. The church provides expanded youth facilities for its growing young community, a welcoming gathering space with a dramatic two-story wall of windows, and an innovative design reflecting the symbolism of the church's spiritual mission.

CrossPointe Church's new, 44,000-square-foot facility represents a significant step for the church and its mission to cultivate inclusiveness and community while serving as an expression of the congregation's faith. The renewed modern facility, more than double the size of the former church. It expanded with vibrant children's and youth facilities for a growing young community. It also features a welcoming gathering space and an innovative overall design that reflects the symbolism of the church's spiritual mission and beliefs.

CrossPointe Church, located in Madison, Ala. in the heart of the Tennessee Valley, rests in a thriving, multi-generational community of families, military personnel, and growing businesses. Poised for growth, the church was experiencing a renewed cultural shift with the arrival of a dynamic and engaging new pastor. With the number of parishioners rapidly growing, the pre-existing church facilities were insufficient to accommodate congregation growth and impeded the church's ability to further expand its mission. The modest 100-square-foot foyer at the entrance of the existing church offered little to encourage communal interaction. The children's and youth education facilities were tucked away in varying buildings offering minimal unity. The main worship center lacked the space or technology to accommodate or connect with its growing, diverse community of worshippers.

The CrossPointe Church design committee embarked on its transformative journey with a vision and a mission. They dreamed of a new, expanded church facility that exemplified the devout fellowship of their church while catering to the distinct cultural and spiritual needs of their faith-based community. Atlanta-based Foreman Seeley Fountain Architecture worked collaboratively with the CrossPointe Church design committee to establish initial objectives:
Evaluate the viability of current church location and assess relocation alternatives.
Expand the entire church facility to accommodate its growing diverse congregation.
Design a fellowship space where worshippers could gather and socialize before and after services.
Create expanded vibrant children's and youth facilities to accommodate its growing young community.

New Campus Relocation/Construction (CrossPointe Church)

Madison, Alabama
Project Size: 801-2000 seats
Completion Date: June 29, 2014

After thorough assessment, the architect, project management team, and the CrossPointe design committee settled on a 14-acre piece of land on Hughes Road, just two miles from the church's location at the time. The new site served as the foundation of new beginnings, providing ample room for expanded facilities while leaving plenty of room for future growth.

Visible from passersby on Hughes Road, the graceful and impressive church entryway welcomes visitors with a dramatic, two-story wall of windows flanked by six stone columns covered by a striking wood truss with arched crossbeams that extend from the exterior of the church into the interior atrium. Designed to elevate the soul, the soaring two-story atrium, complete with a stone fireplace and comfortable leather seating, is an expansive gathering space embellished with welcoming, warm hues of deep brown and beige, dark woods and wood tile flooring.

The new 2,000-square-foot gathering space offers church members a relaxed place to visit, socialize, and linger before and after church services while the wall of windows further reinforces the sacred nature of the space with transparent views of the natural surroundings.

The primary objective of the main worship space was to facilitate the mission of the congregation's expression of faith. With seating for 750 people (and an option to expand future seating to 1,250 by adding stadium seating in the rear of the room), the new worship center provides an environment that cultivates the building of community as well as individual development and fulfillment. The symbolic space artfully melds technology, including enhanced acoustics, two eight-foot tall projection screens, and state-of-the-art, computer-controlled lighting with architectural elements, including an elevated stage equipped with choir platform, diffused lighting, and textured fabric seating to compliment the ceremonial delivery of the service.

To accommodate the church's growing adult community, multi-purpose classrooms were designed for civic outreach functions, religious gatherings, ministerial counseling, and adult education. A secure children's education wing with six classrooms, kitchen facilities, and a separate auditorium serves the needs of the growing elementary-aged youth. A separate wing, designed specifically for middle and high school student churchgoers offers its own educational facilities, six classrooms, a catering kitchen, and a multi-purpose auditorium outfitted with enhanced acoustics, two large projection screens, vibrant seating, and a black out ceiling. A full-size avant-garde garage door serves as the backdrop to the stage that, when opened, extends and reverses the stage to an outdoor teen patio area.

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