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Community of Faith

Community of Faith wanted to design an expandable worship center to accommodate future growth, but their architect wasn't listening. That's when they turned to LIVE Design Group.

Community of Faith (COF) in Hockley, Texas, has experienced steady growth since its inaugural service in 2003, where 187 people attended. After opening a new worship center in 2007, the church attendance doubled within 2 weeks, outgrowing the new 1800 seat worship center within the first year. In 2010, lead Pastor Mark Shook set out to add a new worship center on their campus, and renovate their existing worship center into common space and a multipurpose event venue.

The primary goal for the new worship center was to create a design that would accommodate future growth through an expandable design solution.  While blessed with tremendous growth, COF was faced with the frustration of an architect that wasn’t listening. After countless hours and dollars were spent, the design concept for their new worship center was based on fantasy, not reality, and the church was not happy with the direction.

Worship Room Design (Community of Faith)

Hockley, Texas
Project Size: 2001+ seats
Completion Date: December 25, 2015


The church then decided to work with a local architect but once again, found themselves faced with an elaborate design that did not fit who they were and their ministry’s vision. That’s when Community of Faith turned to LIVE Design Group.  Through LIVE Design Group’s client-centered approach and innovative “LIVE Design Sessions”, Pastor Shook was able to fully communicate the vision that he wanted. Together LIVE Design Group, the COF team, and the contractor, designed a 2626 seat worship center that was expandable to 4336 seats.

Designing an expandable worship center comes with many challenges. The acoustics of the space, as well as the impact of expansion on existing spaces within the facility, are two of the primary considerations. With today’s digital acoustic advancements, and the revolutionary idea to expand Community of Faith’s worship center from behind the stage, this vision was able to become a reality. Once the church is ready to expand, an addition will be built behind the existing stage, the temporary wall in the back of the stage will be removed, the stage moved back, and 1710 additional seats integrated, all with minimal disruption.  LIVE Design was very intentional about injecting Community of Faith’s DNA into the room and throughout the project. The worship center features a loosely arranged seating layout to achieve the lively, energetic vibe and “family feel” that the church desired. Design decisions like exposing the roof structure, concrete floors, and some other industrial features allowed the church to divert thousands of dollars toward ministry, rather than toward the cost of the building, advancing the church’s mission. “Everything the room is about fits us really well,” Shook said. “The design is like a simple elegance that matches our culture.”  Through the LIVE Design Process, the project team was able to creatively and cost effectively overcome the obstacles of designing an expandable worship facility and achieve the unique ministry goals of Community of Faith. The LIVE Design Sessions provided moments of great clarity that Shook had not experienced with previous architects. “In this whole process we wanted to make sure that we would keep that family feel. LIVE Design got that vision and they worked hard to help us stick to it throughout the whole process,” Shook said. The new worship center opened on Christmas of 2015 with 13,000 attendees.

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