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Churches by Daniels

Churches by Daniels

Charlie Daniels, Rachael D. Rowland and David Fink of Churches by Daniels, Broken Arrow, Okla.

Building, like most things in life, happens both physically and, if a church client is so fortunate, metaphorically. On the surface, Churches by Daniels has a singular focus: church construction. Yet in talking with company representatives, a person quickly learns that the builder has another underlying focus that goes hand-in-hand with the first—building a relationship of trust between church and builder and working from that as a starting point.

Worship Facilities Magazine recently caught up with three of the company’s key players— Founder and CEO Charlie Daniels, Marketing Director Rachael D. Rowland, and Manager of Business Development David Fink—to find out how they partner with churches to help them arrive at the best facility for ministry.

WFM: You offer more to churches than simply physical building services. What do you offer, both tangibly and intangibly?

Daniels: Church design, church construction, onestop [shopping], and peace of mind. Church leaders are taken care of and protected every step of the way. We help churches maintain their schedules and budgets to accomplish their dreams.

WFM: How does the company approach business with its church clients?

Daniels: We offer the team approach and consider ourselves an extension of the church. [We] partner with churches in serving them and helping them accomplish their [goals].

WFM: What can church leaders expect to find that’s different from competing companies when they work with you?

Daniels: We are a full service construction company. When we say that, we mean from start to finish. We want to help you get your permits, make sure you have your financing, help you create a successful capital campaign, maintain an achievable budget, and create a successful project that you and your church can be proud of.

Fink: We realize that when it comes to the entire building process—from concept to design to construction and completion—[this] is not a subject taught in our Bible colleges or seminaries. We desire to serve as a resource for pastors looking for direction and information so that they and their boards or committees can make qualified, informed decisions that will lead to a successful and fruitful building project.

WFM: Is there a recently completed church project that exemplifies the way you work with churches?

Daniels: Word of Life in Flowood, Miss., [was] completed [in] April 2011. We worked with the church from start to finish to serve them in every capacity—to build the vision that God has given them. This project exemplifies what we do for churches.

Rowland: We have built a relationship with Pastor Joel [at Word of Life]. This is what we want to do on every project. At Churches by Daniels it is all about relationships and service.

WFM: From your perspective, how are construction material options benefitting churches today?

Fink: Pre-engineered metal buildings are very flexible and affordable for churches today. They give churches many options on design— both on the interior and exterior.

We have also seen lighting options improved, zoned HVAC systems designed to be more effective, and [also,] sound/video systems are redefining the way churches are communicating with their congregations.

WFM: What trends do you foresee on the horizon when it comes to church design and how churches are built?

Daniels: The audio/video portion of the projects is getting larger … and with technology, we are seeing better quality in these areas.

Rowland: Children’s churches are becoming more and more animated, [as well].

Fink: Intentional and safe children’s areas are one of the most vital areas of attention as we see the X and Y generations returning to church primarily for their children. Bible themes with tactile learning stations integrated in the design are quickly becoming highly sought after.

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