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Church of the King- New Campus

Multiple phase building project through difficult economy results in successful project for Louisiana church.

Designing and building a new campus for the Church of the King in Mandeville, LA began as part of the first-ever LIVE Design Session. The design concept for the project first began to take shape in the LIVE Design Group booth at WFX in 2007 where the LIVE Design Group architects met with church leadership. Later, in another design meeting, the church's team walked through the schematic design Revit model, space by space. Pastor Steve requested alternate studies of a few key spaces. After checking schedules, it would be six weeks until the next available time to re-convene. LIVE Design suggested exploring options then and there, with the client's participation. The architects were able to configure several design solutions in real-time until the church leaders came to a final decision. This meeting had evolved into the first-ever LIVE Design Session.

LIVE Design Group concluded that this type of collaboration, involving the church in every decision, was how all projects should be conducted. The firm immediately committed to constructing a "creative suite" within the office to facilitate communication and create a better environment for LIVE sessions. Today, all the firm's projects start with a two-day, interactive session which results in a Revit based concept design that can proceed to the development design.

New Campus (Church of the King)

Mandeville, Louisianna
Project Size: 2001+ seats
Completion Date: December 16, 2013

After completion of construction documents for Church of the King, the recession hit. The church leadership elected to construct the project in multiple phases, raising funds until they were able to afford construction of the next phase. Church of the King ended up paying for the site work, the building shell and most of the interior build-out in cash, only financing a small portion of the project. LIVE Design worked closely with the church and the contractor to coordinate the scope of each phase and insure logical transition points during construction. This type of trust and cooperation could not have existed without LIVE Design Group's collaborative personality and focus.

"The design of our project began in 2007, just before the financial meltdown of 2008," adds Church of the King Pastor Randy Craig. "With a difficult lending environment, we were forced to build in multiple phases.

LIVE Design Group coordinated and collaborated with us and the contractor to meet our financial, design and construction goals.

"The passion and ability of LIVE Design Group to innovate and accomplish excellent, collaborative design is unprecedented. During a design session in early 2007, the architect began to make architectural changes in real-time. This process saved an immense amount of time and resources. LIVE Design Group adapted their work-flow to enhance design and save time and valuable resources," says Church of the King Pastor Steve Robinson.

The project was completed in December 2014.

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