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Church of the Highlands, Greystone Campus is Solomon Award winning project

Church of the Highlands, Greystone Campus is Solomon Award winning project

Rapidly Growing Church's Need to Expand Results in Highly Functional Satellite Campus

Church of the Highlands is a fast-growing church with a multi-site strategy in Birmingham, Ala. it's so fast-growing, in fact, that the church quickly outgrew a satellite campus in Hoover, Ala. and set forth to find a larger, more permanent location. That search led the staff members to a 34-acre foreclosed property, which soon became its home.

Church of the Highlands (COTH) appreciated the property for beautiful entry off a major roadway, its 46,000-square-foot office building, and 300 existing parking spaces.

After steps were taken to quickly acquire the property, JOHNSONKREIS Construction offered feasibility studies for developing the campus within six months. According to COTH, the church "soon saw how JOHNSONKREIS' passion to meet the church's needs was in unity with its own."

Because of the immediate need for space, the Greystone Campus  project moved quickly. Team members were tasked with monitoring a carefully planned budget while, at the same time, ensuring the facility was equipped with the same state-of-the-art technology employed at other COTH campuses.

The goal of the  project was to embrace the artful aesthetics unique to materials within this new facility and merge them with the characteristics of other existing campuses. The 5,000-plus-square-foot commons area, for example, merges new metal finishes, natural wood, and arched windows with wide neutral spaces.

The biggest challenge of the  project was the worship space it was narrow compared to the wide auditoriums at the other campuses. The church soon realized, however, that the layout presented benefits as a video venue. Today, the auditorium hosts live worship and video broadcast with 420 seats on the floor and 360 stadium seats set on the same angle as the stadium seating at the main campus (another contractor challenge that JOHNSONKREIS was able to solve with competency and creativity).

"The biggest success is when you open," Ruykhaver reports. "You see people coming into the building, and you hear about the way their lives have been changed.

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