Christ Place Church

Churches by Daniels reconfigured and renovated 20,000 sq. ft. of the old sanctuary into children's classrooms and a children's gathering area. A new 1200 seat sanctuary , lobby, coffee bar, and gathering was built adding an additional 30,400 sq. ft. to the campus. Meeting the needs of a growing ministry.

Christ place church had grew 142% over eight years.

With the right partner on board, the church focused on meeting several areas of need at its campus.

The exponential growth at the church meant its current worship space couldn’t accommodate everyone. So, the church divided worshipers between the main sanctuary and a secondary video venue. Meanwhile, the children’s ministry space was maxed out.

They could either build a new children’s wing and keep having their adult service in two areas, or build a new auditorium and turn the present adult space into children ministry space. 

After Churches by Daniels did some feasibility studies, it was clear that the latter options represented better economics to accommodate more kids at the church. The old auditorium was renovated into the CP kids auditorium for Kindergarten through 5th grade. The previous ministry space for infants through 5-years-old was converted into a nursery.

The former K-5 area became a brand new space for 3-, 4-and 5-years-old.  As we converted Christ Place former adult spaces into kids’ ministry areas, three main objectives guided the project. 

Visible, Accessible, and Practice. Children are welcomed into three designated areas at the same end of CP’s main building. All are highly visible from the churches two main entrances. 

Secure and safe - Every room is digitally recorded and features motion detection technology. Check-in and check-out processes are consistent across all three spaces, and only parents are allowed to drop off and pick up their children. 

Highly Functional -The church wanted the kids ministry teams to not only have the flexibility to host large groups and small groups, but most importantly enjoy being there. 

Churches by Daniels reconfiguration and renovation of 20,000 sq. ft. of the old sanctuary into children’s class rooms and a children’s gathering area. A new 1200 seat sanctuary , lobby, coffee bar, and gathering was built adding an additional 30,400 sq. ft. to the campus.  Christ Place church renovation was key to accomplishing the vision of bringing the whole church family together. The current facility could not adequately meet the needs of their growing ministry. 

This amazing $7.2- million church construction project was on time and under budget.

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