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Christ Lutheran Church - Blends Tradition with Technology Upgrade

Christ Lutheran Church - Blends Tradition with Technology Upgrade

Traditional Church Respects Tradition as it Upgrades Technology and Wins Accolades

Christ Lutheran Church of Charlotte, NC is a vibrant, growing congregation of about 2,800 members. It offers full- and half-day pre-school and puts family at its core. It has long remained dedicated to its mission, "To welcome all people, connect them to other believers, equip them with God's word, and send them into the world."

Recently, to continue its mission among a modern congregation, the church decided to upgrade its technology systems, add a new 1,450-seat sanctuary, and expand its youth facilities.  Leveraging the education, contacts and support at multiple WFX events, Christ Lutheran Church successfully completed a technology upgrade while honoring and blending its tradition with contempary worship technologies.

The innovative acoustic design of the new sanctuary delivers worship style flexibility, from the pomp of a traditional service with symphonic and organ music to the intimate feel of a vibrant contemporary worship band.

The worship technology, integrated by AE Global Media, included a networked Yamaha CL5 audio mixing system aligned with Aviom musician monitor system and d&b T Series line arrays networked for distribution throughout the entire building. This package provided the flexibility of inputs (over 100 mic inputs) to move around the stage with complete patching and configuration changes.

Adding two 14-foot-wide walls of 6mm Black Face LED video panels was a unique addition, providing enhanced HD video to a space with high levels of natural and performance ambient light and wide viewing angles. This, joined by a Panasonic HD Video Camera system and Jands Vista networked lighting console with an ETC Net3 control system, delivers HD performance video.

By installing distributed live video/digital signage technology and audio throughout the facility (including classroom and outdoor installations) Christ Lutheran can now set the mood for worship even as people walk in from the parking lot.

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