Chase Oaks Church - Sloan Creek Campus

New campus for Chase Oaks Church, located in Fairview, Texas, was envisioned as a satellite church plant with virtual pastor.

Chase Oaks Church was interested in expanding their reach and decided to open a new satellite campus in Fairview, Texas to accommodate their growing congregation and presence in North Dallas. The church insisted that the project have an identity that reflected the context, and community into which they were expanding into. The community as a whole is casual and rural so it was important that the church be approachable and not be intimidating.

New Campus Construction (Chase Oaks -Sloan Creek)

Fairview, Texas
Project Size: 301+800 seats
Completion Date:February, 21, 2016

The use of a more agrarian material palette through the use of warm tones, natural stone and cedar maintain a dialogue with the adjacent creek and are compatible with City of Fairview's slogan, "Keeping it Country".

An entry courtyard with a dynamic cedar slat canopy, landscaping and benches creates a park like setting encouraging people to slow down as they make their way into the building from the parking lot. 

The new 36,000 square foot building was oriented parallel to an adjacent creek and woods to strategically take advantage of the views. You enter the building into a large common gathering space that enjoys expansive views to the woods and direct access to an outdoor covered porch that is lined with rocking chairs.  The four major areas of the building:  kid zone, nursery/administration, worship and youth are all organized along the common area making this area the hub of the building.  This hub, with a 7 day a week coffee bar serves as a gathering area on Sunday as well as a meeting and work place for the area's telecommuters during week days.

At the North end of the commons, double doors lead out to a covered breezeway and patio area that connects the youth building to the main building. By raising garage doors, youth can turn this in-between space into a flexible space for teaching, occasional concert and space to hang out. 

The South end of the common area is a series of spaces that accommodate the pre-school education, children's education and administrative functions. The use of vibrant colors, barn doors and a huge chalkboard wall maintained a relatively simple design aesthetic through the children's education wing.

Located in a central location of commons, the worship space is designed to support up to 500 seats with LED video to meet the church leadership's desire for a virtual pastor.  Three LED screens were installed, one on each side of the stage and one central. During worship, the middle screen is in line with the other screens and displays lyrics and graphics, and during the message it lowers to floor for the virtual pastor experience.

The worship space is finished in a simple material palette that is light in tone so as to facilitate the use of RGB LED lighting fixtures. The church worked closely with the AVL consultant firm iDiBRi, to fine tune the space to fit required performance benchmarks and budget. The system was designed to be easily scalable and mimic the experience of the main Legacy campus.

Every large group space is considered multi-purpose. Moveable partitions are used to quickly manipulate these spaces for specific uses such as education, worship, music, group work, assembly areas and play. Flexibility, both in building design and church programming turned out to be crucial to the success of the new Chase Oaks Campus.

Overall the building turned out to be more than just a church, but a true extension of the community, one that is born from faith in family, connected to the land and rooted from a strong tie to each other.

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