Catholic Church of St. Ann

The Catholic Church of St. Ann in Marietta, GA vision was that all technical equipment would be completely hidden. The ceiling design is a large part of the aesthetics of St. Ann?s and being able to incorporate top notch sound hidden within had the AE Team getting creative.

The Catholic Church of St. Ann in Marietta, GA just celebrated the completion of their new 26,000 square foot new home.  The church's vision was for all technical equipment to be completely hidden. 

The new Y series from d&b Audiotechnik were chosen due to their fidelity and power. They were installed into the ceiling and discreetly hidden above the perforated metal and wood-colored ceiling panels that were custom designed and tested by AE designers and engineers.  In the process four different building materials were tested - various forms of cloth and metal - before a metal panel was chosen. The panels house a mix of Yi7p and Yi12 speakers that were paired with proprietary amplifiers and control.  The new speakers created an environment where the priest is able to whisper prayers that the entire congregation can hear; achieving intimacy and clarity in worship.

New Construction (Catholic Church of St. Ann)

Columbia, South Carolina
Project Size: 801-2000 Seats
Completion Date: July 24, 2016

This was a unique project for president & CEO, Donnie Haulk, and the AE Global Media team.  The biggest challenge was incorporating/hiding the speaker system into the 70-foot-high vaulted ceilings.  Traditionally, a column array system would be implemented, but the goal was to achieve a higher dynamic range and intimacy.  The ceiling design is a large part of the aesthetics of St. Ann. Successfully incorporating top notch sound that lies hidden within the design is due to creative efforts by the AE Team's creativity.  In additional, all of the angle calculations needed to be exact, so that the sound of the priest's voice appears to be coming from the pulpit.

The acoustical treatments designed by AE played a large part in achieving the desired aesthetics at St. Ann.  The AE design engineers implemented both acoustical panels and hidden bass traps to achieve the ministries' goals.  A Midas M32 board console was chosen to accompany the speakers. 

Monsignor now has the ability to deliver their contemporary service's word and music ministry to their large congregation with the intimate style that is unusual in a traditional Catholic mass.  The success of St. Ann audio and acoustical system has proven to be a benchmark for other Catholic diocese with growing contemporary ministries across the county. 

"With all of the dedications and consecrations of churches I have done or been a part of, the sound at St. Anne was the best that I've ever experienced and should be used as a model for all churches going forward," Paul Nott, director of construction & properties, Catholic Diocese of Savannah, GA.

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