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Can 3D Images Help Your Congregation Embrace New Building Plans?

Can 3D Images Help Your Congregation Embrace New Building Plans?

Even the smallest budget can create high quality images that [may] make your congregation want to move in.

Sometimes, the hardest part of getting a new church building or master plan development off the ground is selling your congregation on the idea. The primary reason selling the idea is so difficult is that it can be hard for people to imagine themselves in the new facility and, therefore, hard to see how they and others will use it and what the benefits will be.

That's where new 3D digital renders come in. 3D renders are digitally created versions of your new building or multipurpose facility that bring your facility to life in high-definition color. Renders help your congregation see themselves in the new buildings by allowing them to see photorealistic versions of both the exterior and interiorand see how they and others will use the facility.

Previously, digital renders were artificial-lookinglike the old Disney animated movies. Now, the technology and skills of artists are like those of Hollywood movie visual effects, and they allow even the smallest budget to create high quality images that [may] make your congregation want to move into your new building today.

The 3D images start with the exterior, showing how the facility will blend in with the current environment or create a visual impact. Members of your congregation will be able to see how the stunning architecture draws the community into your house of worship or multipurpose facility.

Once they have seen the exterior, you can then draw them into the interior. This is often the forgotten part of helping your congregation understand and love the new facility, but it is the most important, because it is the interior where they will spend their timeand it is here they will be able to imagine themselves and others enjoying the building. 3D versions of interior rooms, from halls of worships to community facilities like fitness or youth centers can be shown, right down to the wood grain in the pews or light-filled group meeting rooms with state-of-the-art furniture and whiteboards.

With new styles of rendering, you can show your 3D images on television screens in high definition to your congregation. Or even to small groups on a tablet computer or smartphone, where they can swipe their way around the 3D buildings and interior rooms with their fingers, looking at them from different angleseffectively moving around the facility as if they were touring it on opening day.

All good 3D render providers can work with either your architect or [a church leader or owner's representative], if you have the AutoCAD drawings from your architect. They take these basic construction designs and bring them to life in high definition, making your new facility sparkle.

In the end, your congregation needs to see and, more importantly, feel themselves and the community in the new facility before they can truly commit to the project and the effort and expense involved. With 3D rendered images of the project, you can make that step easy and get them as excited with the project as you are.

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