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Assessing Your Multi-Site Readiness

Assessing Your Multi-Site Readiness

The starting point in considering multi-site begins with the vision of your church. “What is God calling us to be, and then do, in our community?” Once you are clear on the vision that God has given your church, then you can consider if multi-site is right for your church.

Here are some questions to assess your readiness:

1. Is my church growing at least 5% a year?

2. Is my church facility 80% full at optimal inviting hours?

3. Is my church meeting resistance to campus expansion due to zoning rules, environmental concerns, or traffic congestion?

4. Is my community 50% or more unchurched?

5. Does my church have a good reputation in the community?

6. Does my church want to release more people into high impact, meaningful ministry?

7. Does my church want to launch new congregations in my region that are healthy, sustainable and reproductive?

8. Does my church want to be more accessible to more people in my region?

9. Does my church want to reach and serve more people in the most efficient and cost-effective way?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then your church may be ready to go multi-site. The Biblical injunction “to be fruitful and multiply” is a good principle to follow as you consider the multi-site option.

Healthy, growing organisms are fruitful and multiply. So if your church is healthy, growing and fruitful in one location, then the real question is, “Why aren’t you going multi-site?”

Go forth and multiply!

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