Arrowhead Church

Centered around a 700-seat auditorium, the new Arrowhead Church facility offers contemporary environments for worship, fellowship, and ministry to support the look and feel of the church culture and core values of gospel. It reflects the celebration, friendship, and intentionality that are unmistakably Arrowhead Church.

Challenged with the task of creating a uniquely branded campus that would enable the Arrowhead Church to serve its community and the Kingdom of God in a whole new capacity, Studio Four Design worked closely with the church leadership team to develop a dynamic and versatile facility for the ministry. The intent of the design was to organize and develop a facility that would support Arrowhead's mission of "Making, Maturing, and Multiplying Disciples of Jesus" and would provide spaces for worship gatherings and relational environments in line with the look and feel of the church culture and core values of gospel celebration, friendships, and intentionality.

The core of the facility is the worship center, which enables celebration in worship and teaching of the gospel. The auditorium has a capacity of approximately 700 non-fixed seats in an intimate setting to foster authentic worship. The auditorium stage and seating layout "in the round" provide a very accessible connection between the stage and seating environment. The audio/video technology enhances the flexibility of functions in the space. Friendships and relationship also take place within this environment, which can be set up and used for such other functions as banquets, conferences, concerts, etc.

A spacious two-story foyer with full glass at the entry and clerestory windows creates a welcoming environment and fosters relationships with intentionality. A large, sub-dividable meeting room connects to the foyer, and a pair of 12-foot by 12-foot garage doors open up to this space to more than double the size of the foyer when these spaces are not being used for more private meetings, small groups, or other fellowship opportunities. One half of the space has a fireplace for an "at-home" environment for a small group setting. A small kitchen is centrally located on the left of the foyer and serves smaller functions within these environments. A parlor to the left of the entry provides an intimate place for greeting first-time guests and also serves as an information center. At the end of the foyer is a floor-to-ceiling masonry wall that serves as the anchor of the interior of the building, representing the strength of the Lord as a "rock, a fortress, and a strong tower." To the right of the foyer is a connecting corridor leading to the administrative side of the facility.

New Facility(Arrowhead Church)

Morristown, Tennessee
Project Size: 301-800 seats
Completion Date: March 9, 2014

Staff offices are located around the perimeter, centered on a conference room and large, open office work environment. The offices feature functional plans with large windows that allow natural light to fill the environment. The conference room exterior wall is floor-to-ceiling glass. The interior glass brings natural light deep into the office environment, creating a comfortable space in which to operate.

The remainder of the building is dedicated to children's space, which is are large component of Arrowhead's church partners. The nursery features a check-in kiosk and a single-point entry, with floor-to-ceiling glazing opening to a small assembly area for the children. Five rooms with bright colors, large windows, and soft flooring to create a fun and exciting environment for pre-school children. The rooms have millwork for storage and supplies.

The final key space in the facility is the children's worship area. It also features a single point of entry with a check-in kiosk. Four large classrooms are centered off a kid's theater space for worship and activities.

The results of this thoughtfully executed design is one that honors God and the mission of the church while also exhibiting a respectful balance of quality and cost. In the first year in this new facility, Arrowhead Church saw a 26 percent increase in attendance, a 70 percent increase in student attendance, a 25 percent increase in giving, a 57 percet increase in student baptisms, and a 30 percent increase in adult home group participation.

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