9 Creative Children’s Spaces

Spice up your children's room with bright colors and fun designs.

Children’s spaces offer perhaps the most creative potential out of any room in a church. Kids love bright colors, creative decorations, and themed rooms, all of which can enable their imaginations to run wild, as well as provide a comforting setting for Sunday School classes. While churches with larger budgets often create entire themed children’s areas, complete with storefronts, treehouses, and the like, churches on a budget should not feel restricted in their efforts to give their children a fantastic space to experience.

Painting the walls bright colors, as well as painting scenery or designs onto the walls can be done fairly inexpensively, and kids are sure to notice. Colorful lights placed around rooms can help to craft different moods, and create a fun atmosphere for children. Creative furniture is key as well, with bean bag chairs or benches offering a fun alternative to standard chairs. The noticeable similarity between all the rooms shown here is the use of bright colors, which help craft a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere for children, helping them to come into Sunday School ready to learn.

Click through the slideshow to see some examples of creative children’s rooms.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.

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