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7 Pieces of Advice Fresh from the Trenches of Church Construction

7 Pieces of Advice Fresh from the Trenches of Church Construction

Considering new construction, renovation or an expansion on your church facility? Here are words of wisdom given by church leaders who have completed their own house of worship projects.

From our Worship Facilities Church Construction Survey, here is gathered wisdom and personal insights from those who've recently completed a building project. They left words of adive to share with you. Learn from their experiences:

1.)  "Be patient and don't rush into any one firm until you've been able to evaluate several contractors, visited sites they've completed and talked with staff to verify how their project went." 

2.)  "Do not cut corners on hardware, finishes, or anything that will be more expensive to improve or maintain down the road.  Better to wait until you can do the whole project right than live with regrets and higher maintenance costs."

3.)  "Don't choose contractors based on membership or strictly price.”

4.)  "Having a well-informed congregation is important maintain a healthy level of communication about the scope of the project in the time leading up to its implementation and continue to give regular updates as the project goes forward."

5.)  "If you are the lead pastor stay involved but have someone as the buffer between you and the contractors."

6.  )"Use the building process as an opportunity for making a fresh start.  Kill traditional programs that have become ineffective.  Focus on what is the best thing your church does and give it the resources to be up and running effectively before starting on the next task."

7.)  And finally"Work as smart and as hard as you can.  Pray even harder."


Our prayer is that your next construction project brings your team closer together and is driven from a powerful ministry vision.  We look forward to hearing about your success stories in the months and years to come.


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