6 Uses of Windows In Today’s Church Designs

Windows can serve a variety of purposes in churches. What purpose do yours serve?

Windows in churches have forever been an important part of the design of the church, but have also played an important practical role as well. Stained glass windows common in older churches both allowed light to enter the church, but also served as visuals depicting events and stories found in the Bible. They can also serve as a common attraction to spark conversation and connection.

Modern churches now typically use windows for a different purpose.

See uses for windows in today’s church here

Large walls of windows allow people on the outside to see what’s inside the church, leading to a more open and welcoming feel, showing that there is nothing to hide behind the walls of the building. Furthermore, windows in places like sanctuaries let natural light into services, and with electronically controlled shades, sanctuaries can still become dark enough to to allow lighting effects or to play videos. In children’s spaces, windows allow parents and children to see into the rooms, perhaps helping to ease nerves about entering if they are first time guests. In general, windows are now used almost as transparent walls, opening up your church to be seen easier, but still allowing partitioned spaces to exist.

Take a look through the slides for a look at how churches can effectively use windows in a variety of ways.

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