5 Modern Church Signs

Is it time to update your church's sign? Here are available options for modern church signs.

Everybody know the image of a classic church sign with a clever message based on a Bible verse, or a current trend.

As ubiquitous as these are though, is it time to update your church’s sign to a more modern style, one the reflects your church’s vision or plan for the future?

A church sign is the first thing your visitors will see on a Sunday morning, and it has the added benefit of being seen by everyone driving by your church. With limited space on signs available, what info should you prioritize? Well unless your sign is large, the only text quickly readable will be your church’s name, but putting service times or a website on the sign is beneficial as well, as it allows passers-by to be able to look more into your church if they are curious.

Take a look through the slides and see some examples of modern church signs and see if any of the styles could suit your church.

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