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2013's Groundbreaking Building Materials

2013's Groundbreaking Building Materials

Tapping into the experience of professionals focused on church building

Worship Facilities Magazine queried building professionals to learn which new building materials are showing the most promise in church applications. Here, we share feedback from Brad Lechtenberger and Tom Daman, both principal architects with Broken Arrow, Okla.-based Churches by Daniels.

WFM: What are the top three groundbreaking building materials that are ideal for the modern church, where the facility is open to members and the community at large, and must be somewhat durable, easy to maintain, and energy-efficient?

Daman: Pre-engineered steel buildings are not new, but [are] cost effective and used a lot for long spans for worship areas. Exposed steel beams and columns are a good trend, [as well].

Metal panels, EIFS [exterior insulation and finishing system] textures and solid stone-like materials are the materials a lot of churches are using for a more contemporary look. [And then] LED lighting will be one of the biggest products in churches in the future.

Lechtenberger: [Yes,] LED lightingfor both interior and exterior. Also, new finish materials are hitting the market with new and interesting colors and textures, like ceramic tile, carpet, ceiling clouds and vinyl tile.

WFM: What do you foresee as the top building materials for churches within the next five years, and why?

Daman: Pre-engineered steel frame buildings will still be a common option because of the lower cost over conventional structures. I think you will see more exposed building structure on the interior and exterior because of its contemporary look and reduced cost to cover it with a material.

Glass will be a big hit to allow more natural lighting into the large gathering spacesand [it] also makes the space feel larger.

Concrete flooring will continue to evolve as churches choose it as an exposed finish. The new colors for staining and stamping for textures are expanding and fit right in with the contemporary look and feel.

LED Lighting will continue to grow ... because of its low energy consumption and cost.

[And] large ceiling fans are making a comeback for the large gather areas and fellowship areas.

What materials are you incorporating into your church's new build, renovation, or expansion plans? Sound off below.

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