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Gallaher Installs Integrated Security for the New Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart

Leading life safety and asset protection solutions provides integrated systems for the new $30.8 million cathedral that opened in March.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – June 26, 2018 – Gallaher, the region’s leading life safety and asset protection solutions provider, was hired to provide fire alarm, access control, video surveillance and burglar alarm infrastructure for the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus’s new $30.8 million cathedral the parish dedicated on March 3. 

The cathedral, which had been under construction for three years, boasts a state-of-art access control and camera surveillance systems.

Parishioners are allowed access to the Nave and Transept for prayer, worship and confession from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Utilizing integration between the access control and fire alarm systems, a pre-programmed message recorded by Father David Boettner is played indicating the building is closing. After the building closes, integration of the fire alarm, access control, video surveillance and burglar alarm infrastructure provide church leaders with the information needed to properly secure and protect the facility. 

“This new system for our cathedral helps us control which areas people can visit after normal church hours without feeling like they are being excluded,” Father Boettner said. “We didn’t want the access control system to be too restrictive, but at the same time, we encourage people to stay within certain areas when staff aren’t present. Gallaher was instrumental in helping us with a solution that has a softer touch than traditional access control systems.” 

Dozens of businesses and organizations came together to make the cathedral project a reality. Having served Sacred Heart since 1991, Gallaher was enlisted early by the general contractor, Merit Construction to install access control, video surveillance andsecurity system alarms. Massey Electric later contracted Gallaher to install the fire alarm system. 

“The church itself was extremely pleasant to work with, especially Father Boettner and the facilities administrator Tom Greer,” saidBreck Ellison, COO at Gallaher. “We are honored to provide Sacred Heart with solutions that fits their needs.

The biggest challenge we had was being extra careful with our installation, especially with all the imported pieces. If you haven’t been inside the building, it’s worth stopping by to see. It was a wonderful experience for our team to be part of constructing such beautiful facility.” 


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