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Visix Delivers Interactive Room Sign Line

Visix, Inc., releases its new interactive room sign line. Visix's interactive MeetingMinder room signs are available with 10.4-inch or 15-inch displays that can be wall-mounted or recessed. The interactive touch screen room management feature, wrapped around the Visix digital signage player, offers "walk-up" reservation capability with bi-directional event scheduling support for Dean Evans & Associates EMS Software and Microsoft Exchange.

Visix interactive room signs are complimented with a variety of architectural accessories, including display frames and enclosures that allow clients to customize the signs to complement the colors, style and design of their facility. Room signs are typically mounted outside conference, training and meeting rooms to announce room availability and schedule information along with dynamic digital signage content.

"There are only two other notable developers of interactive room sign technologies on the market. In both cases, their products offer smaller screen sizes and focus primarily on room scheduling. Our products effectively manage individual room schedules while also delivering a full range of visual communications," says Trey Hicks, vice president of sales with Visix. "It makes no sense to limit room signs to simple event schedules when you can also deliver news, weather, announcements, alerts and more to the same display," continues Hicks.

Visix room signs are powered by the company's popular AxisTV software application, allowing them to deliver current room and event schedules, integrate with the most popular scheduling applications, and provide the flexibility to display a wide range of visual communications - including text, graphics, media files, PowerPoint slides, data feeds and tickers. Visix's browser-based interface allows users to create and manage content from any PC or browser-compliant device on the network or via the Web.

The interactive room management feature requires that room signs have access to an AxisTV version 7.0.15 (or higher) Professional or Enterprise content manager and read-write access to an EMS database or Exchange public calendars. A single Visix Enterprise server is capable of supporting up to 4,000 room signs.

Starting price for each interactive rooms sign models is MSRP $2469. For more information about the MeetingMinder room sign line, interested parties can visit http://www.visix.com/products/meetingminder/index.htm.

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