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Vacuum Dusting: An Inspired Father Develops DustWand

The quest to eliminate dust is a part of all routine cleaning jobs. For companies that specialize in cleaning, dusting can present a significant challenge in regards to efficiency. Regardless of the material used, wiping surfaces with a dusting cloth or using traditional dusters will always stir dust in the air. In addition to polluting the air, the circulating dust will eventually make its way back to a surface. This inevitable dust cycle hinders productivity for companies like ServiceMaster Clean.

As a tenured member of the research and development team with ServiceMaster Clean, Tony Loftis has focused on program and product improvements for the company's business-services division for a majority of his career. Many years ago, Loftis wanted to develop a way to improve the obvious inefficiencies of traditional dusting by developing a way to vacuum dust instead of using dusters; however, his concept was shelved when he hit a roadblock in product development.

More recently, when Loftis's oldest daughter purchased a ServiceMaster Clean franchise, he resurrected the dust-vacuum idea. This time, Loftis took his R&D project to his garage and together with his 10 and 11-year-old daughters, Loftis spent weekends during the summer fully developing and perfecting the idea he had initiated 26 years previously. The Loftis team has now developed the suctioning DustWand.

The ServiceMaster Clean DustWand works to eliminate dust on surfaces and in the air by using suction from a vacuum. Company officials say research has proven that routine use of the DustWand can quickly and substantially reduce airborne dust.

"Customers benefit from improved indoor air quality and health of workers and building occupants, while the company enjoys efficiencies in operations and energy savings," says Tony Loftis, Director of System Development. "The DustWand has led to significant advances in dust management and overall janitorial cleaning."

Incorporating the new DustWand into the ServiceMaster Clean franchises, the company now offers customers a complete green-cleaning program that focuses on improving and simplifying routine cleaning processes. Their "Capture and Removal Cleaning System" uses only Green Seal-certified and sustainable cleaning products, tools and equipment.

"Using this highly effective, environmentally conscious program, we have seen significant productivity gains and labor savings," says Mike Isakson, President of ServiceMaster Clean. "These proven efficiencies allow us to partner with building owners to help contain costs despite current economic pressures from inflation and rising costs of fuel, labor and suppliesall while achieving visibly cleaner and healthier buildings," adds Isakson.

Today the company cleans 3,500 commercial buildings nationwide with this Green Seal-certified cleaning system and Isakson says the program's popularity is growing.

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