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SRCOOL12K Portable Air Conditioner

SRCOOL12K Portable Air Conditioner

Tripp Lite's Portable AC Unit with Remote Management Accessory offers users the ability to cool rack hot spots and small server rooms without having to install a floor drain or empty a water collection tank.

MSRP $1050

Tripp Lite's SRCOOL12K Portable Air Conditioner with SRCOOLNET Remote Management Accessory can help keep a church's audio/visual equipment from overheating by bringing cold air to the areas in which the equipment is stored. This self-contained unit offers 12,000 BTU of cooling power without the need for additional electrical work, as it plugs into a standard wall outlet. It also features a built-in timer for automatic, unattended startup and shutdown and an automatic restart function that resets the unit to its last recorded settings in the event of a power failure.

Unlike many portable cooling units, the SRCOOL12K requires no floor drain or water collection tank. Its unique, zero-maintenance design incorporates a built-in evaporator that expels condensate directly into the exhaust air stream.

With the addition of the SRCOOLNET accessory, the cooling unit becomes a network-manageable device, giving church personnel the ability to monitor and control settings from anywhere in the world via SNMP, a standard Web browser or telnet. Included PowerAlert software provides a single interface from which to cycle the SRCOOL12K on and off, adjust fan speed, change target set point temperature and reset dehumidification mode.

The SRCOOL12K Portable AC Unit with SRCOOLNET accessory is simple to install, simple to operate and packs many features into a compact design. A top-mounted control panel with diagnostic LEDs and LCD screen displays the temperature while one-touch buttons enable users to power the unit on and off, control the operation mode, set the automatic timer and lock settings to prevent accidental service interruptions.

When used together, the SRCOOL12K with SRCOOLNET offer a cost-effective means of solving heat-related problems in remote church locations that might otherwise require expansion of the facility HVAC system, enabling church financials to redirect funds to other areas.

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